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Freelance writer, archaeologist, and occasional cemetery tour guide.

The Kingdom of Heaven Is a Country Store - THE BITTER SOUTHERNER

Years passed this way. The grocery captured the attention of the occasional local newspaper, of European tourists following the "blues highway," and of Southern art professors, who included it in their folk-art slideshows. Margaret and Preacher were photographed for books and featured in National Geographic Traveler.

Hakai Magazine
Mending Coastal Marshes | Hakai Magazine

When Nicole Waguespack describes the Louisiana coastline, she thinks back to the early 1980s. In her memories, she's still a little girl standing in the hot sun on the bank of a small canal near her daddy's hunting and fishing camp.

US-Grown Tea Is Incredibly Rare. This Small Farm Is Blazing a Trail

Ten years ago, if you'd asked Timothy Gipson what he knew about tea, he'd have probably shrugged and told you he liked it iced. That was before his husband, Jason McDonald, dragged him along on a tour of the Charleston Tea Plantation in South Carolina, the only large-scale tea-growing operation in the United States.

Atlas Obscura
The Triumphs and Tribulations of Towboats on the Mississippi River

For Carla Jenkins and her barge company, Vidalia Dock & Storage, the best towboat trips down the Mississippi are boring. What she worries about are all the ways they can get interesting. A runaway barge could t-bone a bridge, sending cars plunging into the water below.