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Kenzi Enright

Content Strategist

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I work with brands to develop and execute strategic road maps focused on achieving goals through digital media initiatives from ideation to conception.


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Digital Content Strategy & Execution

The Travel App Every Entrepreneur Should Know About

An entrepreneur's new favorite travel agent. If you're in the startup industry, you've known what it's like to be *~ballin' on a budget~*. Gareth Williams, co-founder and CEO of Skyscanner, did too. Williams was planning a trip to see his brother in France, but was spending hours online looking for cheap flights.

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What is Decanting? - From the Cellar

Decanting is a highly debated technique in the world of wine. Some believe that decanting can significantly improve a wine, while others feel it purposeless. Before we join the great debate, let's get the facts. I started with researching what decanting actually means. (Apparently it doesn't mean "when a group of 15th century witches congregate...

The Subscription Movement: Millennials Think Inside the Box

Personalization is essential to success in a millennial-driven market. Beauty products, organic snacks, dog toys, men's shaving kits, kids crafts and activities... That's not just a list of the items I pack in my bag for work each day. It's a sampling of the products featured in one of today's fastest growing business models: the subscription box.

We're Suffering From Early-Onset Nostalgia and Brands Are Catching On

You've seen the lists. "Only 90s Kids Will Remember This," "These 51 Things Look Like Your Childhood," "25 Things You Miss If You're a Product of the 90s." (And I've probably clicked on each one. Miss u orange VHS tapes.) We're the generation responsible for "#TBT/Throwback Thursday," "#FBF/Flashback Friday," even "Transformation Tuesday."

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Which Wine Matches Your Relationship? - From the Cellar

You really do love the wine you're with, but which wine matches your relationship? The Party People- Sparkling Wine Like sparkling wine itself, your relationship with your better half calls for a celebration. Sparkling wine is synonymous with parties and celebrations, and these happen to be your two favorite things to attend as a couple....

Ava: Making Conversations Accessible for the Deaf

Deaf and hard-of-hearing people don't have to miss out on the conversation anymore. Thibault Ducheminis can hear perfectly. But he grew up in a completely deaf family. Growing up in both the deaf and hearing cultures, he experienced a huge gap in communication. "For 24 years living in-between, I've shared the confusion.

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How to Pick Out a Sweet Wine - From the Cellar

How to pick out a sweet wine for your Valentine. Because any wine has the potential to be sweet! This is amazing news for those of us who enjoy the sweeter things in life. So how can we actually tell if the wine we pick out will be sweet?

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Spiced Pantry's BEST Summer Pairing - From the Cellar

BRAND COLLABORATION: What's the best summer recipe to pair with Sauvignon Blanc? Shannon from Spiced Pantry, a food subscription box that sends a new country's pantry ingredients and recipes each month, has the answer. Mexican Grilled Fish Tacos with Cabbage Slaw and Crema Sauce These grilled fish tacos are the perfect summer meal.

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