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A freelance writer since 2006, my work spans online magazines, blogs, web pages, landing pages, product pages, and more.

ACHIEVING SUPERPERSONHOOD: Three East African Lives - IndieReader

Verdict: With ACHIEVING SUPERPERSONHOOD: Three East African Lives, author William Peace delivers a beautiful, if sometimes gritty story, functioning as a contemporary and outstanding example of narrative form. Three coming-of-age tales set against the dramatic backdrop of East Africa make up this compelling novel from William Peace.

Visiting the Gulf Shores? What to Know About Artificial Reefs - Gulf Shores Rentals Inc - Gulf...

Booking beachfront vacation rentals along Alabama's picturesque Gulf Shores provides many wonderful opportunities for outdoor adventures, including boating, fishing, and diving. The Cotton State also features one of the largest artificial reef programs on the planet, which began in 1953 when the Orange Beach Charter Boat Association asked to place 250 car frames off Baldwin County.


Verdict: BAD LUCK CHARLIE keeps readers guessing what will happen next to nerdy protagonist, Charlie, and author Scott Baron ups the stakes with a page-turning story, an intriguing plot and a brilliantly conceived new world. BAD LUCK CHARLIE: The Dragon Mage Book 1 by Scott Baron tells the story of Charlie, an engineer who unwillingly joins his team on their new spaceship's practice run.

Do's & Don'ts of Wheelchair Etiquette - Alaska Mobility LLC - Palmer

Individuals use wheelchairs for a variety of reasons, including leg, torso, and spinal cord injuries, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, and age-related assistance. If a friend, family member, or coworker recently started using a wheelchair, take a moment to refresh your memory on related etiquette.

Ready Nutrition
Borax: Its Many Uses

By Kent Page McGroarty A naturally-occurring mineral also known as sodium borate, Borax is an eco-friendly cleaning solution featuring a host of other benefits. If your emergency or camping kit needs another component, check out some of the white stuff's many uses: Fire Retardant Want to put your campfire out?

Pantry Paratus
Best Tips for Pet Food Storage, guest blog by Kent McGroarty *

Best Tips for Storing Pet Food Guest Post by Kent Page McGroarty We are animal lovers around here and with our strong focus on all-things-food, it is a major oversight that we have not yet addressed this important topic! Thank you, Kent, for helping us out!

How to Arrange Furniture to Accommodate Lighting Schemes - Lamp Arts Inc. - Atlanta

Westminster - Milmar, Atlanta Each room in your home plays a specific role in your day-to-day life. As such, each space should have a specific lighting scheme. Whether you are working with chandeliers, floor lamps, sconces, or assorted custom lighting options with colored light bulbs, the result should be both functional and aesthetically-pleasing.

Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine
Guide to the Best Food for the Appalachian Trail

(Editor's note: Due to the federal government shutdown, the Appalachian Trail is officially closed along much of it's length as of 10/10/2013, but is still open where it runs through state parks, state forests, and portions of national forests. Click here for more information on where the trail is open and where it is closed.)
Best Model Rockets For Kids

Best Model Rockets For Kids 2017 Model rockets have never strayed far from toy shelves everywhere because they are just too darn cool. They take off into the unknown and give kids everywhere the chance to think about something bigger than themselves. Model rockets also have the power to inspire a love of is ...

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