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I initially learned my craft by writing television news stories for 2 to 5 hours of programming every day for CNN. I expanded into long form journalism when I began working for National Geographic. I am now a science and tech reporter as well as a lifestyle writer for the Voice of America. I produce at least one television piece every day, and routinely produce similar pieces for the web.

Spherical Rock in Bosnia Stirs Controversy

An infamous would-be archaeologist is at it again, suggesting that some unique rock formations he has discovered in present day Bosnia, are proof of an ancient civilization that thrived there 1,500 years ago. Semir Osmanagic has been combing the hills around Visocica since 2005 claiming the surrounding mountains were part of a giant collection of pyramids that he says could be 15,000 years old.

The Real Story: Kazakhstan Pyramid

Here's a definitive account of why you shouldn't necessarily believe what you read on the internet. It's a story about how the internet can take a perfectly fascinating story and make it misleading.

Main Points in Trump Climate Policy Executive Order

The executive order signed by President Trump shelves the Clean Power Plan, the signature Obama-era policy designed to combat climate change. But it also is a sweeping rollback of decades of U.S. policy regarding not only climate change but environmental protection, energy production and emissions.

Ed Richwood's Singular Rock and Roll Sensations

I'm not sure exactly when I discovered Ed Richwood, and we've never met in person, but my FB timeline says we became friends sometime around January of 2016. Chances are I noted his love of Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and grunge in general. But also, I'm sure I appreciated the notion that he is chasing the...

Finding True Holiday Joy | LifeZette

Deep and abiding memories of Christmas when I was a boy still run strong in my mind. My dad strung the tree with red, blue, green, and yellow lights, which emitted a glowing rainbow in the dark. The family made fun of my father because he would insist on applying tinsel one strand at a time.

A Fifth Force of Nature - We'll Try to Explain

You may have seen some headlines this week about the discovery of a fifth fundamental force of nature. Maybe you even read a bit about it, but then probably quit reading, because... particle physics, quanta, bosons, force carriers... Step away from the articles: We're here to help.