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I am a lover of words and a student of effective communication. Words are all we have in order to reliably communicate our deepest and most significant thoughts and emotions. They are the indispensable means by which we live, move, and have our being in modern society. Whatever your writing needs, I have a wide breadth of life experience and a proven track record of using words in order to connect with audiences and make things happen. I would love to do that for you and your organization.

Launch Your Life (Thomas Nelson Publishers)
Dealing With Failure

An inspirational/motivational chapter from the book I wrote for Thomas Nelson Publishers.

Reformed Theological Seminary
A Critical Evaluation of the Foundations of N.T. Wright's Doctrine of Justification

An academic writing sample... The “New Perspective on Paul” is a term which covers a wide array of interpretive stances towards the writings of Paul. This paper will specifically engage with the one new perspective thinker who has been the most influential in Reformed circles; N.T. Wright. More precisely, we will consider Wright’s reading of Paul on justification. For Wright, three key elements form the conceptual background for the apostle’s doctrine of justification: covenant, law court,...

The Silva Group
10 Steps to Home Ownership

This was a key content piece in my early real estate business. Not only did it drive traffic to my real estate website, but it established me as an expert with first-time buyers and provided a concrete place for me to send them for more information.

Ortho News & Views
Ortho News & Views 5/12

This newsletter is a representative piece of some medical copywriting I did for a Physician Assistant. I was engaged through a digital marketing agency to write two newsletters a month.

Collegiate Magazine
100 Cups in 100 Days

An article I wrote for a quarterly Christian magazine on the perils of superficial digital community and the unexpected benefits of a 100 day journey in intentional face-to-face connection.

Reformed Theological Seminary
God In Ruth for Naomi, God In Christ for Us: An Exegetical Study of Ruth 1:6-18

An academic writing sample... Ruth’s breathtaking words of commitment and fidelity have often been taken as the confession of faith par excellence (Ruth 1:16-17). Agreeing to leave her homeland and bind herself to Yahweh and Israel, we’re told, is the perfect example of what it means to forsake the world, take up your cross, and follow Jesus. There may, however, be a better way to read Naomi’s oath; a way which, without denigrating Ruth’s commitment to God, exalts God’s commitment to and...

All Thoughts Captive
5 Lessons Learned About Leadership From an Orchestral Conductor

I had the privilege of attending a student concert at Lipscomb University last night. I was there to hear a friend, but couldn't help but observe the conductor; waiving his arms passionately in front of 30 college-aged musicians. In college, I majored in music education and took several courses in conducting, so I know the mechanics.

Self-Published eBook
7 Traits of a Great Leader

A short eBook on leadership development written as a content piece for my website and leadership development consulting business.

All Thoughts Captive
Every Entrepreneur's Struggle

Doubt. It doesn't matter how sure you are of your purpose and your pursuit, you're going to experience seasons of doubt. I'm not talking about doubting the likeliness of events or results, but doubting your very ability to succeed. This is dangerous. Doubt comes down to a lack of trust; in our vision, in ourselves, in God's provision...