Kenneth J Murray

United Kingdom

Kenneth is a Care Experienced writer and campaigner. He currently writes a column for Holyrood Magazine and is a regular contributor to Times Radio Early Breakfast Show.

He offers consultancy to media on the portrayal of Care Experienced people, the care system and those in or around it. Previously, Kenneth has worked on this subject with Paramount Studios, Penguin RandomHouse, Dame Jacqueline Wilson & CBBC.

Kenneth was awarded the Sheila McKechnie campaigning award in 2019 for his work on media portrayal of Care Experienced people.

Holyrood Website
We can't all get on our bikes until inequalities are addressed

A few weeks ago, I got my first ever bike at the age of 29. Growing up in a single parent family, with four siblings, we couldn't afford one. Like many, we lived week to week with the constant spectre of financial ruin always on the horizon.

Holyrood Website
Comment: Profit has no place in care

"Acts smart...struggles to accept his role as a child...argumentative...doesn't trust his social worker" are all terms I've found within my social work files. When I accessed my care records, it became official. I am a lifelong cynic.

Daily Record
We marched for the right to be loved

A GLOBAL community of people raised in care took to the streets of Scotland yesterday in a historic rally for “the right to be loved”.

STV News
Can Facebook data tell us how European Scotland is?

It's the highest number of fatalities in the country since June 17, while there are 640 new cases. Getty Images Oliver Mundell accused the FM of lying to parliament when she pledged full transparency to Holyrood's Salmond inquiry. STV Scotland have the opportunity to reach a major finals for the first time since 1998 if everything goes to script.

STV News
Facebook knows a lot about you but there's no need to be worried

It knows a lot about your neighbours, the shops you buy your groceries from, your family, the town you're from and your relationship. In fact, they can even predict if you're about to go into a relationship, or if you're cheating on your partner. If that sounds scary - it doesn't need to.

STV News
MMMBop empathy: How social media makes us feel good then forget

In the first of a new fortnightly social media column, digital guru Social media has revolutionised the way we engage. Kenny Murray takes aim at right-on retweets. It supposedly democratises human communication in a way that no other tool has allowed before. It's a gift.

Are #electionselfie's illegal?

August 28th, 2014 It's being claimed that posting pictures of completed Scottish Referendum postal voting papers is illegal. Guess what? It isn't. But... you knew there would be a but...