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Father/son look-alike winners' similarities go beyond looks

This year's winners of the Father/Son Look-Alike Contest, Savannah natives Harold Oglesby and his 18-year-old son Nygel, have a lot more in common than just looks. "We walk the same," said Harold. "We talk alike." Nygel inadvertently attempted to speak after taking a bite of his hamburger, earning a laugh from Harold.
Falcons, Bucs square off tonight

The Atlanta Falcons have no time to dwell on the thumping given to them by the Cincinnati Bengals last week. It's a short week for them as they host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-2) in the Georgia Dome Thursday.
Guyton mother/daughter duo voted winners of Savannah Morning News look-alike contest

Hope Arrington and her 18-year-old daughter, Briannah, were voted as the winning pair of the 2015 Mother-Daughter Look-Alike Contest. In previous years, winners were selected via a voting process within the Savannah Morning News newsroom. This year's contest opened up voting to the public, and Hope and Briannah emerged victorious, racking up 6,845 votes among the nearly 100 mother/daughter entrants.
Savannah natives voted as winning pair of 2015 Father/Son Look-Alike Contest

The winners of the 2015 Father/Son Look-Alike Contest, Winston Davis and his son, Marius, have similarities that expand beyond their physical appearance. "We're not very flamboyant," Winston said. "We're low-key." "We don't seek attention," Marius said, before jokingly adding, "unless you count the look-alike contest!"