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As a writer, I know how hard it can be to find the crossroads of clarity, perfect grammar, and a deadline.
If you’re looking for someone can do all that, and more,
someone who knows how to write in a smart, simple, and AP style,
you’ve found the right person.

Mennonite Mission Network
Jubilee appeal letter

A fundraising letter with a 14.8 percent response rate.

Mennonite World Reivew
Cutting "church" to the core

Pastoral colleagues, Karen Sethuraman and Gordon McDade, thought they were doing everything right. "But when it came to integrating those who had no church background, it was a complete culture clash," McDade said.

Mennonite World Reivew
Church and politics

On Tuesday, Nov. 8, churches across the country will participate in Election Day Communion, a national movement to unite Christians of all denominations, despite political differences. "The practice of communion is an inherently political act," wrote co-founder Mark Schloneger for CNN's Belief blog.

Mennonite Mission Network
Reading, writing, plus faith

Children splashed through the monsoon rains and raced, dripping, into the Learning Center in U-Vietnam, a fishing village along the Cambodian coast. Under the shelter of the tin roof, 10 students gathered to learn.

Mennonite Mission Network
Paul Nelson's legacy: a peaceful presence

Paul Nelson, former mission innovator in Ireland, died Sept. 13, 2018, at Souderton (Pennsylvania) Mennonite Home. He was 67 years old. Nelson was born Apr. 23, 1951, in Wayland, Iowa, to Boyd H. and Welma B. (Graber) Nelson.

Mennonite World Conference
Online theological education opens doors

Nora Marleni Martínez of Metapan, El Salvador, is in the first group of students in a regional Peace and Justice Institute program of the Seminario Anabautista Latinoamericano (SEMILLA). Now, some SEMILLA courses are online, making it possible for Martínez to only travel a long-distance half as often.

News & Events
'This I Believe' by Kelsey Shue | Goshen College

By Kelsey Shue, a junior communication major from Dalton, Ohio On Tuesday, Dec. 1, junior Kelsey Shue's essay about lessons from her high school car aired on WVPE-88.1 FM. I believe that clunker cars build character. It was the first sunny day in the spring of my freshman year of high school in Kidron, Ohio.