Kelsey Goeres

Writer and Editor

Location icon United States

I received my bachelor's degree in journalism and have worked for both newspapers and online publications. During my time in college, I wrote for the news and features sections of the school paper, in addition to writing for the Thousand Oaks, California local paper. By the time I was a senior, I was the Features Editor of the paper and led a team of six writers. Since graduating, I've had over five years of professional writing experience. Websites that have featured my writing include: Yahoo!, AOL, The Cheat Sheet, Patch News, Forbes, Valley Lawyer, The Huffington Post, Gibson International, All Business, Social Media Today, and Blog Paws, among others.

In addition to having experience writing about a wide array of topics (news, features, small business, politics, entertainment, celebrities, social media, marketing, real estate, interior design, travel, and personal prose), I have experience managing social channels, crafting newsletters, writing/overseeing email marketing campaigns, writing press releases, writing website copy, and managing and editing company blogs.

Not only do I understand and appreciate good, tight journalistic writing, but I'm also well-versed in the world of digital media. I'm particularly skilled at analyzing an audience and crafting high-performing content that's catered to that audience.

I'm a passionate worker who finds great joy in producing a quality product. I get along with clients and co-workers alike. But enough about me, how are you?

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