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Kelsey Beth Collins

Playwright/ Screenwriter

Location icon United States of America

Kelsey Beth Collins the artsy- fartsy writer, playwright, screenwriter, and poet. With restless hands, an artist's eye, and a mind that never stops ticking, I scramble down bits of myself into a creative wordplay of firey rhythms. But honestly though, I really just sit down, or stand depending on how I'm feeling that day, and start writing something and somehow it all ends up making sense. Sometimes, it's even kind of funny.

I graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) with a Bachelor's Degree in Dramatic Writing, which is ironic because I'm really not a dramatic person. There I worked on several projects for writing and directing actors. I have also written several plays and short screenplays and really found a love for comedy and the in-your-face reality of well, life.

Tinderella and the Seven Bros

This nerd turned Tinderella goes from getting straight A's to nothing but D's in this comedic full length play about self discovery and bets gone wrong. Excerpt scenes 1 and 2

Well Damn

To hell in a hand basket this comedic 10 minute play takes a homosexual couple down the path to righteousness. Excerpt from last 4 pages.

The Black Satin Hotel

What the light hides the shadows expose in this dark one act play written in the form of four monologues. Excerpt from scene 3.

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