Kelly Shanley

Freelance Writer and Comedian

Stand up comedian and comedy writer living in Los Angeles.
Degree in Communications and Exercise and Sports Studies from UCSB.
Avid health and fitness enthusiast, outdoor lover, world traveler, food lover, and story teller.

How Are You Still Single?
Single in Roma

What it's like to be a single American girl traveling solo through Rome.

How Are You Still Single?

A first date on Valentine's Day doesn't live up to expectations. But maybe I'm just too picky...

How Are You Still Single (personal blog)

A walk through what it's like to survive a non-life-threatening earthquake while you're just a single gal home alone in Los Angeles.

How Are You Still Single? (Personal blog)
Opinion Piece: Gun Control

Sometimes, when tragedy strikes, you just can't talk about dating. This is how I felt after learning of the shootings in El Paso and Chicago on the same weekend in August 2019.