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Hi there! I'm Kelly Nicole Barahona, a New York City lady in her mid-20s with a whimsical written voice.

Animation has a soul (or an "anima" for the 1/2 Italian like me). Writing about happenings in the animation world -- films to screenings to panels -- is a passion of mine.

I also volunteer my time in the community in adult education and provide my talents in the grant writing/research and non-profit fields.

Honestly though, if it involves writing, I'm always willing to put in the work to make the piece as strong as can be.



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[Animation First 2020] 'Brazen' : Shorts and Panel Discussion Overview

Kelly N. Barahona reports on Brazen, an upcoming animated French cartoon series, and the corresponding work-in-progress panel, both of which occurred at the Animation First Festival 2020 from February 7-9. Adapting a book is not brand-new territory in the animation world. A lot of movies, shorts, and cartoon shows are based on pre-existing literature from poems to graphic novels.

AFA: Animation For Adults | Animation News, Reviews, Articles, Podcasts and More
Highlights from the 4th ANNY Best of Fest

Kelly N. Barahona, ANNY Correspondent, was on site for the 4th ANNY Best of Fest. Here is her coverage of the two day festival.

Hearing Health Foundation
Turning Fourth of July Into a Science Lesson

In most cities if not towns of a certain size in the U.S., a grand display of fireworks for the Fourth of July is part of the celebration of America's birthday. But just how loud are the fireworks people have come to expect every summer?

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AOE Grant Cover Letter

A cover letter for AOE to use when submitting grant proposals.

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Anima of Animation
Anima of Animation

(Blogger's note: Hey, I didn't die, I swear! Things have been going on in my life that I had to take control of. I have been watching movies throughout these past few months, I just haven't posted any reviews for any of them yet, haha.

Kelly Barahona's English 35600 Portfolio
Kelly Barahona's English 35600 Portfolio

Welcome to my English 35600 Writing Portfolio! If the Romantic era of literature is to be considered one that encapsulated a wide array of emotions, sensations, and experiences, then I suppose one could consider me a Romantic poet aspirant. Admittedly, I have hardly begun my journey as a writer of any sort.

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