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An airport security agent once judged how many DVDs I had in my purse.



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'SYTYCD' Recap: A Surprising Dancer Makes the Final Four

One week out from the finals, SYTYCD is seeing double: double eliminations, double Emmys for Mandy and Travis, two alumni among the choreographers...Maybe we should lend the show Kiki's glasses. But even if you've got 20/20 vision, it's hard to see the logic in one of tonight's eliminations.
'Penny Dreadful' recap: 'No Beast So Fierce'

Let's say you're an ancient, bloodsucking fiend. Say you've got a reputation. If you're smart, you use it - you play against type. History reports that you strike when your victims are isolated, so you become someone your prey can trust.

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'Alias' 10 years later: How Jack Bristow went out with a bang

Alias has been missing for 10 years. The J.J. Abrams drama walked into the sunset on May 22, 2006, but not without making a few painful sacrifices - none of which cut deeper than the death of Victor Garber's flinty but devoted spy dad, Jack Bristow.

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'The X-Files Origins' series to follow Mulder and Scully as teenagers -- exclusive

X-Files fans will be able to add a new chapter to Mulder and Scully's story with The X-Files Origins series, a pair of YA novels about 15-year-old Dana Scully and 17-year-old Fox Mulder. EW can exclusively announce the two new novels in The X-Files Origins series, Agent of Chaos and Devil's Advocate.

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