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The Atlantic
In Season 3, 'GLOW' Embraces Discomfort

In the Season 3 finale, the ladies perform their own spin on A Christmas Carol. Artistically, this special holiday show completes the arc that began with the Challenger: Ruth finally gets the cathartic theatrical experience she's wanted all season. She literally wrestles with mortality in the ring through the lens of a classic story.

The Atlantic
'One Day at a Time' Taught Its Fans How to Say Goodbye

Following Lydia's stroke, Season 3 framed itself around the question of what comes after a life-changing event. Lydia resisted adjusting the habits that put her health at risk. Elena, whose father reacted poorly when she came out to him as a lesbian in the first season, struggled with her dad's attempts to make amends.
Natasha Lyonne Had the Best Hair of the TV Season on Russian Doll | TV Guide

They say New York was the fifth character on Sex and the City , but Natasha Lyonne's hair was the first character on Russian Doll . As Nadia, a gravel-voiced game coder who can't seem to stop dying on the night of her own birthday party, Lyonne sported a fiery, irrepressible tangle of curls, set apart from all of TV's other, far-too-perfect curls by a curtain of wild bangs.
Cary Elwes' Stranger Things Mayor Is a Perfect Takedown of American Politicians | TV Guide

"Cary Elwes is the only person who understands America" is a note I took while watching Stranger Things 3 , and I meant it. The English actor - who has lived in the States for decades - can stake his '80s cred on being very English in The Princess Bride , but in Stranger Things' version of the 1980s, Cary Elwes is America, melted down and molded into a little flag pin.

Recaps & Reviews
GLOW Review: Season 3 Still Hurts So Good | TV Guide

If you've forgotten how it feels to watch GLOW - a show that looks like candy but goes down like a shot of hard liquor - the new season will remind you in record time. Season 3 comes out swinging with a gag only GLOW could pull off, a brilliant extended riff about the Challenger disaster that I watched with my hands over my mouth.

Interviews & Exclusives
'X-Files' writer on Monday night's huge spoiler

Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) has lost another family member. "Home Again," the fourth installment in The X-Files ' six-episode event series, saw Scully and Mulder (David Duchovny) saying goodbye to Scully's mother, Maggie (Sheila Larkin), who succumbed to a heart attack.

Entertainment Weekly's
'Alias' 10 years later: How Jack Bristow went out with a bang

Alias has been missing for 10 years. The J.J. Abrams drama walked into the sunset on May 22, 2006, but not without making a few painful sacrifices - none of which cut deeper than the death of Victor Garber's flinty but devoted spy dad, Jack Bristow.

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