Katie Keiger

Communications Specialist

Location icon United States

Business-oriented communications professional dedicated to providing creative and thoughtful content for various communication materials, most recently resulting in a 25 percent increase in online traffic. More than five years’ experience managing national marketing campaigns, collaborating with federal agencies, supervising other writers, and gathering information for news articles.

How to secure your passwords

This is a design I created using a graphic design software, Canva, in addition to the text I created to inform people of the dangers of poor passwords.

ECR Vault
Case Study

A case study I wrote for ECR Vault, a scanning software designed by Milner, Inc. I interviewed the salesperson and client to gather the information and then designed the layout into separate boxes of text to maximize readability.

Milner, Inc.
Event Flyer

This is a flyer I wrote to promote an event for Milner, Inc. Please note, I did not do the design on this piece, I only provided the written information.

Poultry Times
Technology Feature Article

A news article featuring one of the latest innovations in the poultry industry; drones.

Poultry Times
News Story

A news report written based on information given by USDA agents and other official news outlets.

The Gainesville Times
Feature Story

A front-page news story I wrote to inform the local community of the successful efforts made by an elementary school to help a young student undergoing cancer treatments.

Web Page

This is one of the 120 pages that I rewrote for Milner's website. I created it with more succinct language to strengthen our message regarding our products.