Keenan Montgomery


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Balance. It hangs like a poster in the forefront of my mind as I think about the gravity of writers performing the art of writing. I am a creator, a creation, a wildly creative conscience that embraces the whirlwind of thoughts and ideas that manifest inside me like mental tornadoes. I write to bring life to the chaos. As an artist, I fear no topic or subject. My voice is an alley way for controversy and an avenue for revolution. I pride myself on standing up for my beliefs in the name of truth and honor, and I provide a voice for the mute.

The balance comes in the form of pragmatic thinking and analytical, statistical context. As much as I enjoy the lawless realm of creativity, I enjoy the structure associated with journalistic and technical documents. As a professional writer, I focus on the multi-modal capabilities of writing and the open-ended possibilities that advancing technology provides for writing fields.


News Clips

The Branding Iron
Artist Spotlight: J-Numb

In order to bring more attention to hip-hop artists in Laramie and hip-hop culture in Laramie, I spotlighted local rapper J-numb.

The Branding Iron
UW Basketball Finds New Recruits

In the summer of 2014, UW Basketball brought in 5 new recruits to beef up their roster. I covered the story for the Branding Iron.

The Branding Iron
Wyoming Players Head to Saratoga

I arrived in Saratoga as a player and a journalist in order to assist flood relief efforts, and spread the news to the Laramie audience.

Website Attributions

GotSoul Music: About, FAQ, Beat Descriptions

GotSoul Music hired me to create content for the launch of their new website titled, an innovative beat site made to accommodate artists.

People First of Wyoming
People First of Wyoming

My 21st Century Topics in Professional Writing class teamed up with People First of Wyoming to produce this website.