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24. Enjoys producing content that may make her readers let out a chuckle or 3.

Sterling Communications
The Things You Think You Know | Sterling Communications

Every third Thursday, Sterlingers gather after work for a bit of group bonding and low-key fun. Sometimes we celebrate something silly like National Hot Dog Day, sometimes we play trivia games in a nearby park, sometimes we just shoot the breeze over cheese and crackers.

Slide Blog
12 Reasons To Use Slide When You Study Abroad - Slide Blog

It is a great way to make friends and meet new people to insure that you aren't an abroad loner who goes to dinner by yourself every night. You can share private moments with the group of people you are studying abroad with. There is no better ice breaker than a picture.

Slide Blog
Slide: A New App For Greek Life Lovers - Slide Blog

Attention Frat Lords and Sorority Divas, there is a new app for you. You know how there is a professional photographer at semi-formal and mixers that takes awkward pictures of you and your date? Do you ever anxiously wait for those (usually embarrassing) pictures to be posted on FaceBook so that you can untag yourself ...

Her Campus
I Only Go To Restaurants That Start With A "C"

Ladies, I believe that food may or may not treat me better than any man ever will. So, this is why I have decided to share with you a few of my personal favorite indulgences that are nice and close to campus. Fun fact: they all start with the letter C.

Her Campus
SCU Eligible Bachelors

In light of the recent wreckage of season 18 of The Bachelor, we have compiled a list of SCU gentleman who put Juan Pablo to shame. Tolu Adeoye '15 He's tall, dark and handsome, with a sense of humor you wouldn't believe. Originally hailing from Canada, this guy is all you are going to be daydreaming "aboot".

Her Campus
King Doobie: Tucker Carlson '14

You may have seen him in the halls. You may have seen him in the pool. But if you haven't seen him, you may have heard his hot new single, "Dump It". When I refer to "him", I am talking about Young Tuck a.k.a. King Doobie: the man, the myth, the legend.

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