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Keby Boyer

Copywriter, Content Strategist and Communications

Location icon United States

I love being a copywriter and content strategist. For my first birthday, my parents gave me a notebook and a box of 64 crayons, and I've been writing ever since. Marketing, business, government, healthcare, tech, corporate, advertising, travel, technical, promotional...(deep breath)...scripts, packaging, radio, I've done it all. An award-winning copywriter and experienced content strategist, I also edit digital film and sound.

Preferred Risk & Don Thompson Entertainment
Alone in the Dark

MARKETING, SOCIAL CONCERN. High school senior Tasha Grant has a decision to make. It's Saturday night, and her best friend, Jan, is having a parents-out-of-town party. Tasha really wants to go, but she has to babysit her little sister. Temptation is tough to resist. But a bad decision can have deadly consequences. What will Tasha do? Starring Dee Wallace (ET, Cujo) and Christopher Stone (The Howling, Cujo). *Original Story, Scriptwriter, Producer, Production Manager*

Matchmaker Mishap

MARKETING, TV COMMERICAL. Thirty-second commercial script for *Creative Lead & Scriptwriter*

Judicial Council Administration Office of the Courts, Internal Communications
Staffers Ride Bikes To End AIDS

COMMUNICATIONS & CONTENT STRATEGY. Two staffers commit a weekend to riding bikes for a good cause -- curing AIDS. Creative Lead, Copywriter & Content Strategist.

Judicial Council of California
Santa Clara Celebrates Start of Family Justice Center Construction

COMMUNICATIONS & CONTENT STRATEGY. Multimedia article about the groundbreaking for the new Santa Clara Family Justice Center. Featured video is currently unavailable. *Creative lead, interviewer, copywriter, photographer, editor for digital film and sound & Content Strategist.*

AOC Internal Communications
Solano County, Old Solano Courthouse Renovation

COMMUNICATIONS & CONTENT STRATEGY. Old Solano Courthouse Renovation Dedication landing page. *Communications Point Person, Writer, Photographer & Content Writer/Strategist.

Diablo Valley Community College Student Film
Lunch With Charlie

ENTERTAINMENT. Emmy, Alex's best friend, is upset. In coming out about his unusual lifestyle, Alex only made one mistake. He didn't tell her first. Hell hath no fury as a best friend who's the last to know. *Writer, Producer & Editor.*

Yahoo! Video Game Reviews

MARKETING, GAME REVIEWS. Reviewed video games for Yahoo!'s game portal site. *Game Player & Copywriter.*

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