Keaton Eberly

Digital Content Producer

United States

We are currently living in a digital age where it is absolutely imperative for journalists to have an enriched understanding of multimedia production and market consumption. Passionate about content creation and media production, I have developed a diverse awareness in various digital mediums, which range from radio, television, online, photo, infographic design, podcasts, social media and mobile content. In addition to my experience using these various platforms, I have continued to strengthen my writing, broadcasting, analytical and public speaking skills, particularly in the sports industry. I am also proficient in Adobe Premiere, Adobe Audition, Wordpress, Squarespace, and Frequency, as well as A/V equipment. In a business world that’s continuously changing, it is time for myself to change with it through hard work and dedication. My objective is to continue my professional journalism career with excellence and integrity, specifically as a reporter, producer, broadcaster and writer in sports and entertainment media.

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Jerry Sloan named on list of top 15 coaches in NBA history

The National Basketball Association is honoring University of Evansville graduate Jerry Sloan as one of the greatest to ever coach from the sideline. On Tuesday, the UE basketball legend was honored on the list of the top 15 coaches in NBA history.

The Daily Tar Heel
Law professor Richard McLaren talks Russian doping, future of Olympic Games

"This deception and manipulation is not exclusively in Russia," said Canadian law professor Richard McLaren. "It's a problem we all have throughout the world. Corruption is in our society at all levels, so we'll also find it in sports. "Sport is, after all, just a microcosm of society at large."

The Daily Tar Heel
No. 20 UNC holds off Notre Dame, 69-68, on the road

The No. 20 North Carolina men's basketball team must be feeling pretty lucky right now. After playing a close, back-and-forth affair with a scrappy Notre Dame team for the whole game, the Tar Heels found themselves with the ball, trailing 68-67 to the undermanned Fighting Irish.

The Daily Tar Heel
A behind the scenes look into 'Logan'

"I love Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, so I'll really miss that," said sophomore Tyler Ventura said. "I really liked Patrick Stewart at Professor X as always, so I hope he continues being in movies, especially more X-Men movies, if possible."

The Daily Tar Heel
Column: 'Logan' Oscar nomination breaks superhero genre norms

When looking at the grand scheme of things, the superhero genre is a relatively new one in global cinema. While many genre films like the gangster flick, the war film and the western have been around since before the invention of "talking pictures" in the 1920s, the superhero film did not emerge until the release of "Superman" in 1978.

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COLUMN: Amateurism needs to go

Right now, I only know one truth: It is time for amateurism — the overlying rule that has governed college athletics from the beginning — to come to an end.

The Daily Tar Heel
COLUMN: It's about time gambling in sports became legalized in the United States

While the word "gambling" has often carried negative connotations in the minds of athletic administrators and coaches, sports and gambling have never been mutually exclusive. Despite the fact that sports betting was banned in 1992 through the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, the American Gaming Association has estimated that U.S.

Carolina Connection
The FBI's college basketball investigation is over. Now, it's the NCAA's turn.

College basketball season is in full swing, but the fallout from the FBI investigation still lingers. A sports agent and two others associated with Adidas were convicted on all counts of wire fraud. Now, the FBI has given the NCAA permission to conduct its own internal investigation.

Carolina Connection
More states are legalizing medical marijuana, but NC is not among them

This fall, Missouri and Utah became the latest states to legalize medical marijuana, making them the 32nd and 33rd states to do so. North Carolina still isn't one of them. But with recent studies showing a possible correlation between legal medical marijuana and decreased opioid use, some want the state legislature to reconsider.

Carolina Connection
Asperger's Syndrome surrounded by misconceptions

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Abraham Lincoln. Albert Einstein. What do all of these influential historical figures have in common? They have all been speculated to have symptoms associated with Asperger's Syndrome, a form of high-functioning autism. April is autism awareness month, and a lot of people have many misconceptions over this learning disability.

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My Life On The Autism Spectrum

"My name is Keaton and I am four-years-old. I always feel uncomfortable in new situations. I am distressed by sensory changes in my world. I do not enjoy playing with people I don't know, but my brother and sisters allow me to feel safe.