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CRISPR and inherited retinal disease | Ophthalmology Innovation Summit - OIS

Once again the eye proved to be the pioneer target in a new gene therapy approach, with the use in February of an agent utilizing in vivo CRISPR to treat an inherited retinal disease (IRD). Editas' EDIT-101 (also known as AGN-151587), began Phase I/II clinical trials for treating Leber's congenital amaurosis 10 (LCA10), the most...

Soft CL slows myopia in children | Ophthalmology Innovation Summit - OIS

Globally, the myopia market may be worth upwards of $28 billion by 2026, with single prescription corrective lenses holding a significant market share, according to one report. CooperVision's first contact lens indicated to slow the progression of myopia in children was approved in mid-November and may garner an impressive part of that market share -...

RegenxBio sues FDA over clinical hold - Ophthalmology Innovation Source - OIS

Days after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration placed a partial hold on RGX-314, RegenxBio (NASDAQ: RGNX) lead gene therapy agent, the company initially outlined common responses (delaying an investigational new drug [IND], continued assessment and monitoring, etc.), but then did something completely unexpected - it sued the FDA, seeking to set the hold aside,...

Opthea's Star Brightens for Stakeholders - Ophthalmology Innovation Source - OIS

It's been a good year for Opthea Ltd., a biotechnology company based in Melbourne, Australia. It's listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), trading as OPT. Opthea is a top performer in the OIS Index of ophthalmic biotech and biopharma companies. While the OIS Index was down 12.0% over the 3 months from July through...

Eyeing Gene Therapy's Ocular Future - Ophthalmology Innovation Source - OIS

CHICAGO-The first gene therapy approved in the United States happened to be for an inherited eye disease, with an agent that is administered subretinally. But investigators are actively examining therapies for other eye-related genetic diseases and other routes of delivery. Investors, of course, are closely following the progress.

Retina Treatment Beyond Protocol - Ophthalmology Innovation Source - OIS

CHICAGO - Optimal treatment of retinal diseases hinges on better understanding in three primary areas, said an expert panel at OIS@ASRS 2019: the disease mechanisms involved; individual patient differences; and the timing of injections. A fourth point involves treatment yet to be developed: A safe, effective, long-term delivery system for anti-VEGF agents.

A Closer Look at Glaukos' Bid for Avedro - OIS

Early market reaction to Glaukos Corp.'s all-stock acquisition of Avedro Inc. was mixed; a decrease in stock price for Glaukos and an increase for Avedro. Despite that lukewarm reaction, the acquisition has the potential to bring together companies with complementary platforms and improve Glaukos' scale for R&D.

OIS@ASRS at the Ritz-Carlton Chicago: An In-depth Look at the Retina Space - OIS

CHICAGO - The extensive, intensive public and private investment in the retinal space will fill the day next Thursday, July 25, at the OIS@ASRS meeting, to be held at the Ritz-Carlton here. The 2019 program will cover late-breaking clinical data, corporate strategies, and financial insights from a dynamic mix of private and public companies and...

A Closer Look at AbbVie-Allergan Deal and Where Eye Care Fits In - OIS

NEW YORK - In what's been called "a transformative move for both companies," AbbVie has agreed to buy Allergan in a deal valued at $63 billion. Reaction from the investor community was deeply mixed. The announcement on Tuesday set off the worst day for AbbVie's stock since it was spun off from its parent company, Abbot Laboratories, closing down 16% to $65.70 per share.

All About Vision
Am I a LASIK Candidate?

Take this two-minute screening test to learn if you are a good candidate for LASIK surgery.

Emerging Concepts in the Clinical Management of Stress Urinary Incontinence
Stress Urinary Incontinence

Online CME for obstetricians/gynecologists

Emerging Concepts in the Clinical Management of Stress Urinary Incontinence
Stress Urinary Incontinence

Online CME for primary care physicians


Slack Medical Publishing
Surgical Treatment of Astigmatism

Chapters from the world's leading refractive surgeons. Keith Croes wrote and edited one of the chapters.

Jaypee Brothers Publishing
Birth of the Intraocular Lens

This is the story of one of the world s most successful medical prosthetic devices as told by those who lived it. Keith Croes captured ophthalmologist Herve Byron's vision, coordinating and editing submissions from the world's leading vision practitioners and researchers. Byron died in 2012 at the age of...

Slack Medical Publishing
Practical Astigmatism: Planning and Analysis

Dr. Noel Alpins developed the Alpins Method of astigmatism analysis to provide accurate planning and analysis of astigmatism procedures. His method focuses on analyzing refractive and corneal astigmatism parameters and using the results in future surgery to improve visual outcomes. Dr. Alpins pioneered small-incision cataract surgery in Victoria, Australia, in 1987 and then became a founder and current member of the Excimer Laser & Research Group. He has specialized in cataract and...

Croes Copy
Fantasy Crow: A Collection of Curious Flights

Fantasy Crow begins a trilogy of short-story collections with the mission of following imagination into whatever landscape attracts it. There are echoes of the masters here -- Asimov, Heinlein, Bradbury, and others. But the stories, with a modern edge, stand on their own.

Croes Copy
Fantasy Crow III: Watchers of the Final Flights

Humankind will someday go to the stars. And rock-and-roll will go along, as will parenthood, beagles, heroism, and scotch. A lot of books will be and have been written about what someone someday will do. But this is the last of the short-story collections Keith Croes will write at the particular point in his life when these were written. Peace out.

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Fantasy Crow
Fantasy Crow

Short stories by Keith Croes (by Keith Croes)


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The latest from ASSORT Pty Ltd (@ASSORTastig). ASSORT is a total ophthalmic surgical analysis system, which includes the Alpins Method of astigmatism analysis. Melbourne, Australia

Eve's Meditations

Eve's Meditations. 128 likes · 12 talking about this. Eve's Meditations is a beautiful set of 45 cards containing creative meditations and images intended to enliven your spirit. The set is divided...

Healing Vocal Tones

Healing Vocal Tones. 21 likes · 11 talking about this. Alternative & Holistic Health Service

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Introduced the renal anemia management period (RAMP) concept.

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Arch Ophthalmol
Ophthalmologists in the 'News'

Letter to the editor of Archives of Ophthalmology, written by Keith Croes in response to an editorial related to prior publication of peer-reviewed articles.

After PRK approval, what we might have here is a credentialing gap.

Primary Care Optometry News | --- Keith Croes. The public's perception of photorefractive keratectomy (PRK)--and the eye care professionals who provide it--will have a huge impact on the volume of surgery that is ultimately performed. Equally as important--and perhaps related to this--is the attitude of optometrists who provide primary eye care.

Profiles in CKD: A Periodical for Nephrologists
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Brochure for major pharmaceutical company
The Medicare Coverage Gap

In 2014 seniors were affected by a coverage gap that was not widely understood. This is the final draft of a brochure sent to practitioners who in turn offered it to their patients.

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