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Karishma B. Desai is a broadcast and digital reporter, as well as a graduate from Boston University's MS in Journalism program. She has worked at PBS39, WNDU (NBC of South Bend), and WNIT (PBS of South Bend. She has also freelanced and interned at notable companies including PBS affiliates (UNC-TV, WGBH), IndyWeek, SCATV, The Hindu, New England Cable News, etc.


Political Journalism

Police Chief to Be Honored by White House

Gloucester, Massachusetts, Police Chief Leonard Campanello will be honored by President Barack Obama next week in the White House, for launching the ANGEL Initiative, a program designed to fight drug addiction. Campanello is one of 10 "Champions of Change", an honor that 920 people were nominated for.

Broadcast/Digital Journalism

Things your teens don't tell you: Parents react

Texting, testing, and tennis tryouts...these are just a few things that can cause stress for teens on a daily basis. South Bend high school students have spoken about topics they don't tell their parents from stress to social media. Now parents react to what their teens had to say.

MedTech Boston
Chasing Greens - Fresh Food and the Urban Divide - MedTech Boston

The USDA reports that 1-in-7 Americans don't know where their next meal will come from. Lower-income neighborhoods in urban areas are especially affected. In this three-part series, MedTech Boston investigates various factors that shape the food insecurity issue in Boston and how those factors are connected to health outcomes.

Home Heating Forecast and Resources - SCATV

Contributing Reporters on this Newscast: Karishma Desai The Old Farmer's Almanac is predicting a colder and snowier winter than normal, while NOAA says we can look forward to warmer season. Winter in New England always puts a strain on heating budgets. Cubby Oil has been supplying home heating oil to Somerville residents for seventy years.

Arts & Culture

The Hindu
For the love of dance

While most young adults may have taken to a dance floor to celebrate the New Year, Sridaya Srivatsan was portraying the Bhakti-rasa while dancing on a Bangalore stage. Gifted with an infectious smile and gracious stage presence, the Indo-Canadian Bharatanatyam dancer's dedication to the art form is refreshing.

Boston University News Service
Organization of Pakistani Students Host Inaugural Forum

Moin Khan is a new kind of social activist. Riding his motorcycle through the mountainous terrain and stopping at the historic monuments of Pakistan, Khan offers tours to foreigners and documents the other side of Pakistan that goes against initial preconceptions.

Dance review: Science, anatomy and comedy merge in Namely, Muscles at Duke

click to enlarge photo by Richard Finkelstein Namely, Muscles The Ark at Duke University Saturday, Oct. 4 "Muscles are not much different than poems. They both move you," recited Dr. Kate Trammell, a dance professor at James Madison University and an anatomy faculty member at Cedar Stone School of Massage, as she performed Claire Porter's Namely, Muscles at Duke.

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