Kayly Nesser

Location icon United States of America

I am an independent, ambitious college graduate. Undergraduate school has exposed me to various styles of writing; I am proficient in fiction writing, academic essay writing, writing for the web, and composing professional emails and memos. My determination, open-mindedness, and attention to detail help me to navigate life with zeal and optimism, making me a better writer as a result.

The Ocean People

An ocean-themed blog I created for a "Writing for the Web" class.

Google Docs

My most up-to-date resume.

Adobe Story

This is a script I wrote for a "Writing for Television" class. The story and characters are my original creations.

Google Docs
Annotated Bibliography

I created this annotated bibliography to organize research for the Ocean People Blog.

Microsoft Outlook
Request for Interview

I sent this email to a professor of marine biology requesting to interview her for my blog.

Google Docs
Senior Honors Thesis

I acheived major honors on my degree through the successful completion of this essay.

Google Docs
Wieland Essay

I wrote this essay during my junior year of college. It examines the way Charles Brockden Brown presents the human mind in his American Gothic novel, "Wieland."

Google Docs
Web Analysis Memo

My final project in my "Writing for the Web" class required me to analyze a fellow student's blog. We were asked to format the assignment as though it were a (longer than average) memo.

Google Docs
Cyborg Bake Sale

This is an excerpt from a short story I wrote for a "Science Fiction Literature" course.