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Dublin, Ireland
Dublin's Welcoming Nightlife

“Look us up on the Facetube or the Youbook!" bellows a voice, echoing through The Old Storehouse pub. The locals laugh at the musician's jest as their Guinness slosh around the rim of their pints, spilling dark ruby onto the already sticky floor.

Florence, Italy
4 Cultural Norms to Know Before Dating an Italian Man

If you’ve ever been to Italy, you’ll observe stark contrasts in the way Italian and American couples interact. From their extreme sensitivity, to the way they’re dressed, the Italian man’s manner and sense of style might catch a foreigner off guard. Of course two separate and culturally enriched countries are going to have a plethora of differences, but the ones outlined below are the 4 main differences to be aware of prior to becoming an Italian man’s girlfriend.

Santa Croce, Florence Cloister
The Practicing Dead

I can clearly see high backed thrones line the right flank of the undisturbed chamber. Flowers blossom from the arms of the polished oak smelling sweetly of honey polished oak. A piano slumbers deeply, despite light blanketing it from a neighboring diamond paned window with it's silk drapes drawn back.

Florence, Italy
Ponte Vecchio

Lights reflect off the jewelry from the shop's panes that line the Ponte Vecchio, staining the window shopper's faces gold. Cameras flash frequently, capturing posing families, lovers, students, and frustrated locals swimming across the crowded bridge. Action is constant with both the photographer and subject, both poising their cameras and bodies, fluttering their lenses and eyelashes at the flash of the light, all in an attempt to capture the perfect picture ruined by the grimy Arno.

Marketing Content

8 Creative Venue Ideas That Will Make Your Event Memorable

Location, location, location. Where you host your next field marketing soiree or networking happy hour can set the entire tone of your event. Different venues elicit different vibes, and you want those vibes to be positive in order to create an atmosphere that fosters open dialogue and helps new relationships flourish.

The Perfect Networking Cocktail Hour Playlist

Just because you're hosting a cocktail hour with rich hors d'oeuvres, doesn't mean the music needs to be as dry as the wine. In fact, just like wine deserves to be paired with the right cheese, so does the networking event with the proper music playlist.

The Power of the #Selfie: A Marketable Goldmine for Event Planners

Look around you -- on the city streets, in restaurants right after the food is served, during a pretty sunset, even on the red carpet...what do you see? Selfies are (being taken) everywhere. Go figure, but people enjoy taking pictures of themselves, and what's more, they love posting them.

5 Non-cringeworthy Icebreakers to Try at Your Next Event

Most icebreakers tend to be really cheesy, and make you feel more uncomfortable than if you were to remain a complete stranger to the people around you. No one wants to touch someone they only just met, so forgo those potentially dangerous trust falls and the unraveling of awkward human knots.

Higher Ed Social Media: How to Hook Young Alumni and Keep 'Em Hooked

You've probably heard of the saying that young kids' brains are like sponges. Well in a way, so are freshmen's. They're new to college, have one friend (if any), and are very impressionable. It's also during this time that they're most reliant on their new school's administration to guide them.

Preserve Alumni Ties with Social Media to Ensure Donor Retention

Millions of people are active on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, using these networks to establish and maintain relationships -- including relationships with their alma mater. Social media platforms allow alumni from around the world to maintain close ties with their university and remain engaged in online conversations.

5 Speakers You Should Consider for Your Next Alumni Event

No matter what type of event you're coordinating, if you are inviting speakers, it requires some serious thought -- and planning a college reunion is no exception to that rule. By choosing the right speaker -- or speakers -- for your next alumni event, you can make it even more memorable than the graduation ceremony was all those years ago.

The Do's and Don'ts of Using Gamification at Your Events

It's an age-old concept that everyone enjoys playing games, so why not include them at your next event to create a memorable and fun experience for your attendees? Although a fairly recent term, gamification -- the application of game elements in order to engage and motivate users to accomplish their objective -- is now taking off like wildfire, not just in the business world, but the event realm as well.

Dietary Restrictions That Every Event Planner Should Be Aware Of

Before selecting a food vendor and setting the menu for your next event, take into consideration that some of your guests may have certain food restrictions and allergies. The last thing you want on the day of your event is for an attendee's most basic needs not to be met because the food -- which you or they have paid for -- doesn't work for them.

Interactive Branding Event Ideas for Nonprofits & Reunions

Whether you're the director of alumni relations or an associate of a nonprofit organization, you both share the same desired end goal: to create an enjoyable and memorable experience for your guests. You want them to have fun, while still walking away with the knowledge of the brands that sponsored the event.


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