Kayla Tanuvasa

Student Writer

Location icon United States of America

Coming from a diverse cultural background and having grown up in California, I am passionate about understanding diversity and unity. I love to understand how the two coincide and how we can improve unifying other through communication. I believe that learning more about the languages we use and shaping it into art is one of life's greatest pursuits.

Third Hour
Zombies or Ministers? | Third Hour

BEWARE: Those who proceed to read this article and it's content may suffer from a "singeing of the eyebrows. Because that's what coaches do when the game is close, and victory means everything." And ministering is a call from the Head Coach to step up, to get your heart in the game, and not walk around as zombies.

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Perfectionism |A Perfect Failure at Life | Mormon Hub

As humans, we crave success. But not just any success. Perfect success. Perfect success in our homes, our relationships, our careers. So we strive, we climb and we reach for the stars. And look at all that we have achieved as humanity! Pyramids, spaceships, handheld computers, extreme sports; in everything we increasingly become better.

Third Hour
5 Things To Do With Conference Talks After Conference | Third Hour

So we've hit our halfway mark between general conference sessions.... And there may be a number of us scratching our heads trying to remember what was even said. Of course, then there's the other half of us who haven't picked up our notes and haven't quite kept up with our goals (that is, of course, if we made any).

"The Light in His Mind"- Brock

Following the pattern of the 300-word-stories, this is a snippet of the life of Brock Middleton.

Third Hour
Mormons in ConTEXT: Why do You Believe the Book of Mormon? | Third Hour

So by now you might have heard about the Book of Mormon. Whether that's from the Broadway play or two missionaries knocking on your door, we understand that the Book of Mormon may still seem like a foreign concept. Well, let's start with the cover; the Book of Mormon is "Another Testament of Jesus Christ."

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Marijuana Debate Reveals Faith Conflict | Mormon Hub

On July 29, 2018, Kurtis Lee wrote in the LA Times about the battle over marijuana in the state of Utah and the effect it's having on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its members.

Identity Crisis: Ethan Goddard

This is a feature story of Ethan Goddard and some research on the science behind identity crisis.

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