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The Best Way to Spoil Your Valentine Based on Their Sign

Love is in the air, but the answer to what to get your Valentine lays in the stars. Whether you're deep into a commitment or testing the waters of something new, Valentine's Day expectations can be panic-inducing, especially when it comes to certain zodiac signs (we're looking at you, Leos).

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The Real Science Behind Sound Masking in The Office - Customer 1st. Communications

The concept of "in one ear, and out the other" has no place in the office. In fact, one of the biggest employee complaints about an open office concept is the level of noise. The sounds people inadvertently pick up on when they're on the clock have major psychological and physical effects.


People Are Lining Up To Get A Taste Of This New Atlanta Eatery's Loaded Falafels

If you're from up North, you know all about Mamoun's and how iconic the chain is. From New York, New Jersey, Pensylvania, and Connecticut, the middle eastern eatery has been dubbed the best falafel in the region. Now one special place in the South gets to experience all the goodness that the North has been hogging.

Her Campus Media

Her Campus
4 Ways to Calm Your Nerves Before You Have Sex For The First Time

It's critical that you let your partner know where your head is at, even if you feel it may "kill" the moment. It's much better to let your partner know what's up rather than sit in silence and suffer from what may be a lackluster or even painful experience.

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4 Things You Didn't Know About Your Sex Drive

To say that your sex drive is complicated would be an understatement. Formally known as "libido," it can randomly hit you when you're walking down the street, but leave when you're actually in bed with your partner. With all of the ups and downs that come with your sex drive, it's hard to feel like you're in control.

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6 K-Pop Trends You Need to Incorporate into Your Wardrobe

On any normal day, you may find yourself electing to play it safe by wearing all-black or a neutral outfit with (maybe) one pop of color. Minzy and her rainbow graphic tee should serve as a reminder that it's okay (and even necessary) to incorporate multicolor pieces that call attention to you.

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Bipolar Is More Than an Adjective

"Bipolar." Definition: A word used fleetingly in everyday conversation without the proper context of the complexity of the disorder. "My mom just flipped out on me. She's so bipolar, I swear." "This girl I'm seeing is so bipolar. Went from all giggly to bursting out in tears."

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Should Your SO Influence What You Do After Graduation?

As much as graduation should be one of the happiest times of your life, moving on to the next chapter often means that some people will be physically left behind. When the job offers come rolling in, you'll find yourself weighing the pros and cons of moving.

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4 Attainable Goals You Can Set at Work & How to Reach Them

It's natural to one day dream of being the CEO of a company, but it's important to remember that it takes a plan to get there. Take advantage of being in the present and set goals for the position you're in right now.

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5 Ways Social Media is Hurting Your Relationship

Social media has made its mark on our generation. "Tweet" and "selfie" are officially part of the English dictionary and scrolling through your Instagram feed like it's the morning newspaper is a part of our daily routine. This level of influence has changed the way we view certain topics, including relationships.

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Opinion: Put Some Respect on Mac Miller's Name

To know of him was to love him. Mac Miller (née Malcolm McCormick) was the soundtrack of high school and college for Generation Y particularly. If you didn't blast " Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza " in your used 1998 Honda Civic or caption at least one of your photos, "We gonna take over the world while these haters getting mad" - You might have been living under a very comfortable rock.


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Ariana Grande Teams Up with Starbucks & Her Drink Might Be Our New Fave

Ariana Grande is on her way towards total world domination. When you're not hearing one of her million hit songs on the radio ("thank u next," "7 rings," and "break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored," anyone?), you might be inadvertently sipping her new Starbucks drink.

Q99.7 | WWWQ-FM
Q99.7 Gives Fans an Exclusive Listening Session with Why Don't We

Before the boys of Why Don't We perform in front of thousands of screaming girls who are willing to kill to be their wives at the Fox Theatre tonight, 50 lucky girls (and some parents) got to experience them in a more intimate setting.

Q99.7 | WWWQ-FM
Is Lil Xan and Annie's Baby... Imaginary?

BombSquad @kayladungee & lil Xan 's fake baby? Maybe? pic.twitter.com/5kUyeQ5XCS- Bomb Squad (@BombSquadQ997) February 26, 2019 Recently, Lil Xan and his girlfriend, Annie Smith, announced on Instagram that they would become first time parents.

Q99.7 | WWWQ-FM
Fyre Festival Documentaries

This week, Netflix left us perpetually in shock with a look back to the 2017 Fyre Festival in "Fyre: The Greatest Festival That Never Happened." The partygoers who dumped thousands on two weekends worth of yacht parties, binge drinking, and celebrity appearances were the laughing stock of social media.

TUC Magazine

Album Review: Logic Channels Alter Ego in Bobby Tarantino II

Logic found his way onto Billboard Top 100 just this past year with his single 1-800-273-8255, which peaked at number three. For many, this was their first exposure to the 28-year-old rapper. But Logic's original following, know as Rattpack, have been riding with him since 2010 - long before the radio play.

The Sentinel

The Sentinel
KSU alumni create new product for tailgate parties - The Sentinel

Two Kennesaw State University alumni have combined two classic games - golf and beer pong - into their own unique business called Putter Pong. Created by Matt Bravo and Stosh Cohen, Putter Pong is similar to a game of miniature golf. Instead of one hole, there are six holes, set up in a similar formation to beer pong cups.

The Sentinel
Zaya: Good food, high prices - The Sentinel

The Student Center was undoubtedly missing an important piece of world cuisine before Zaya, a new eatery serving Mediterranean food, officially opened at the beginning of spring semester. After eating there for the first time, I am still left with one big question - was it worth the nearly $10 that it cost me?

The Sentinel
Actress Saoirse Ronan talks new film, "Brooklyn" - The Sentinel

If there is one woman to watch out for in Hollywood, it is Saoirse Ronan. The Irish-American actress made her big screen debut in the Academy Award nominated film, "Atonement," at the age of 12. The now 21-year-old actress has only built her filmography from there.

The Sentinel
Catching up With the Guys of "Everybody Wants Some!!" - The Sentinel

"Everybody Wants Some!!" is two hours of the quintessential college experience we always wanted and dreamed of. Set in 1980s Texas, college freshman Jake, portrayed by Blake Jenner, gets his first taste of freedom when he moves into his university's specially appointed baseball house the weekend before class begins.

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