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Kaycie Surrell

Writing // Marketing // Creative

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I am a creative professional inspired by engaging work that celebrates meaningful stories. I'm passionate, focused, and attentive — and I'm motivated by community. When I'm not working I enjoy art-making and exploring my surroundings.

Curmudgeon Group
Women in Sports: Who Has the Power? - Curmudgeon Group

Women's sports coverage is more or less a numbers game with revenue projected at less than $1 billion - a fraction of the global value of all sports combined (men, women and mixed-gender), which in 2018 reached $481 billion. For brands to put the big bucks behind women in sports, they need to believe that women are profitable.

Newcity Resto
Tilt the Mic: Terms of Service Podcast Offers A Safe Space for Service Workers

Justin Arnett has launched Terms of Service, a podcast produced by Max Zuckert and co-hosted by Chicago Chef Nariba Shephard. Each episode invites industry professionals to share their stories and experiences and decompress a bit, just as they might have done pre-pandemic over post-shift drinks with co-workers.

Video - SAIC

Thesis exploring classic and experimental media with a focus on color and style, femininity, gender, performance art, poetry, and vaudeville through visual collage.

Visual Thesis

Created for School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Visual elements include examples from personal burlesque performances and classic musical theatre. Musical choices were inspired by artists who speak to my interest in the subjectification of gender.

Newcity Design
Cultivating Feminist Consciousness: Self Help for A New Era

The first week of October seems like the perfect time for teacher, artist, podcaster, entrepreneur and author Amelia Hruby, PhD to release her brand new book, Fifty Feminist Mantras. The illustrated journal is the culmination of a years-long practice that started with weekly Instagram posts and grew into what it is today-a guided journal for cultivating feminist consciousness.

Curmudgeon Group
Art, Culture, and Covid: Where Do We Go From Here? - Curmudgeon Group

With the ever-present and underlying fear associated with the virus, it might seem like a particularly difficult time to create. But artists continue to tap into the existing isolation and come out the other side with new, ever more creative ways to showcase their talents.

Curmudgeon Group
Art, Culture, and Covid: Galleries and Museums Adapt to a New Normal - Curmudgeon Group

It's been just over a month since our July blog post on the entertainment industry response to the ongoing pandemic, but to consider how much has changed since then, it feels like it's been longer. Museums, gallery and event spaces, and live theatre venues have had to navigate uncharted territory with, at least for the time being, no end in sight.

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