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I am a seasoned journalist and culture critic with over 20 years' experience as a staff writer, editor, columnist, and humorist in alternative and online media. I also serve as publicist for the Coalition of Black Veterans and am responsible for all of the organization's published materials, as well as coordinating publicity across the country for its various causes. I am very versatile and can write anything, from ad copy-- which I did for Google Offers as a contracted writer-- to satire, which I often do in my blogs. I'm especially good at improving existing communications in companies that might need an injection of freshness, energy, and focus.

The Huffington Post
Meet Lisa, Robin and Victoria: The Banana Republic Posse

By Katy St. Clair, PDS volunteer Lisa grabs a big handful of packaged tights from the back room and then heads out to the sales floor. She knows exactly what to do and how to do it, because she has worked at Banana Republic now for 15 years. Lisa has Down Syndrome.

The San Francisco Examiner
Scoop: Kanye West vows to be nice

Start placing your bets: Kanye West has promised he won't talk smack about anyone for six whole months, according to the New York Post. Think he can do it? Nah. West likely reached this epiphany after he saw all of the year-end "biggest jerk in showbiz" lists he topped.

Cleveland Scene
Patton Pending

On a recent Saturday, Mike Patton, the former frontman for the platinum-selling rock band Faith No More, is indulging his inner collector-nerd. Record stores are Patton's home away from home, and he mows through the CD racks of this one, in the Bay Area of his native California, with zealous concentration, occasionally bursting out with an excited "Oh, have you seen this?"

The Huffington Post
Why Is PDS So "Progressive"?

Piece for Huffpo about an organization that helps adults with developmental disabilities.

SF Weekly
A Very Special Concert

"Ooooh, man, I can't wait to see Huey!" said my client Sean, busily brushing his hair. I work with Sean in a day program for people with developmental disabilities. In addition to some mental retardation, he has severe obsessive-compulsive disorder.

SF Weekly
The Familiar Charms of Smuggler's Cove

I suppose the argument could be made that the world needs another tiki bar, especially after the sad demise of the Tonga Room. Cocktail purists will decry the idea as sooo 1990s, but who needs them and their faded Gearhead tattoos, anyway? S.F.'s latest has set up shop (hut?)

East Bay Express
The Best of Planet Clair | East Bay Express

This is the last week Planet Clairwill appear at the beginning of the music section, as its author has relinquished her role as music editor and become a staff writer. Planet Clair will remain a biweekly item in the music section.

Alameda Magazine
Amélie Charms at Berkeley Rep

Before the traveling garden gnome became a feature in the Travelocity ad campaign-postcards of a jolly little sculpture in a red cap posed in front of world landmarks-it was a quirky footnote in 2001's quirkiest film, Amélie.

East Bay Express
Inside the Monster | East Bay Express

Note: this story was originally published in the East Bay Express on September 15, 2000. How do you prepare to meet a monster? This question came to me as I found myself crying in the grocery line, drinking more beer than necessary, and having more and more difficulty focusing my thoughts.

SF Weekly
A Spoonful of Butter: Paula Deen Returns

Paula Deen's back, y'all, and she took them lemons she was pelted with and made herself a honkin' lemon meringue pie. She just launched PDN, or the Paula Deen Network online. For just about 10 bucks a month you can soak yourself in all things Deen, including the entire back catalog of her show that ran on Food Network.

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