Katy Rink

Freelance journalist and author

United Kingdom

I contribute news, lifestyle and comment pieces to national newspapers and magazines, including The Telegraph, the Guardian, Daily Mail and Mail Online.

I also work with the news agency Bavmedia, supplying news, picture stories and real life features to news organisations and women's magazines.

Having cut my teeth on local newspapers, I am a passionate advocate of high quality, local journalism. I set up my own hyper-local, A4 lifestyle magazine 'My Shrewsbury' in 2016. The magazine continues to grow in popularity with a 25,000+ reach.

My first book Managing MIL resulted in television and radio appearances here and abroad, including: ITV Daybreak, The Daily Edition (Seven Network), BBC World Service, BBC Asian Network, Newstalk Ireland, RTE Radio 1 Ireland and many others.

After graduating from Oxford University in 1998, I worked as a columnist, feature writer and health editor for regional newspapers (East Anglian Daily Times, Cambridge Evening News, Western Morning News), before going freelance.

I am available for commissions. Please contact me on 07701 048360 or [email protected]

Paw bearer helps families cope with funeral

A beagle named Basil is Britain's first funeral therapy dog, comforting families when they visit an undertaker after the death of a loved one. The seven-year-old dog plays with children and gives adults "something else to focus on" as they make arrangements at Clive Pugh Funeral Directors in Shrewsbury.

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Transplant patients star in calendar sharing pre-op selfies to show how their lives have been...

Brave transplant patients pose for glamorous fundraising calendar shoot Includes 'selfies' showing their condition as they waited for operations Initiative designed to show how lives have been transformed by transplants Some have recovered from double lung transplants to lead active lifestyles By Julian Robinson But the 'Transplant Troopers', who have all suffered lives of near continuous treatment, with collapsed lungs and near death experiences, look dazzling in the calendar which has been...

Discovering our inner survivalist with the Bear Grylls gang in Shropshire

When adventurer Bear Grylls brought his 'challenging and empowering' survival course to the Shropshire Hills, Katy Rink and her son took up the challenge. When we signed up for Bear Grylls' new 24-hour outdoor experience in the Shropshire hills, my 10-year-old was disappointed that his hero would not be teaching us; the adventurer was off filming in Africa, apparently.

The Telegraph
Parenting Dilemma

Should parents put their children on leads?

Managing MIL - the book

How To Survive Christmas With Your Mother-In-Law

Do you struggle to get on with your mother-in-law, even at the best of times? You can bet it will be even more difficult at Christmas, when there are so many jobs to do and so much riding on it.

The 11 worst MILs: The mothers-in-law you love to hate

3 - The Apologist She'll ring in the middle of children's teatime, when baby is choking on lumps and his brother is painting his own name in mashed potato on the French doors. "Is this a bad time?" she simpers. "I know what it's like".

Katy Rink answers your Mother In Law issues!

'Just want to let off steam here seems to be the place My in-laws2b are driving me crazy at their lack of interest in our Wedding! We saw the florist at the weekend and he wanted to know how many buttonholes, corsages etc. we wanted for the day.

Is your mother-in-law a manipulator, snob, apologist or reluctant nan?

Katy Rink has written self-help book on the often tricky relationship She found certain stereotypes of mother-in-laws kept cropping up She recommends changing way you react to their behaviour Also provides her Christmas survival tips By Lucy Waterlow PUBLISHED: 13:40 EST, 8 November 2013 | UPDATED: 14:19 EST, 8 November 2013 You can choose your husband but you can't choose your in-laws - which many women have discovered to their chagrin.

Exclusive interview with Katy Rink

Managing MIL in many respects it's a hot potato - a crazy thing to do. When I tell people about it they always say 'you're doing what?!' But it's a relationship that affects so many lives and can cause a lot of upset if it goes off track.

This Christmas can you make peace with your mother-on-law?

By Mirror.co.uk The relationship with your other half's mum can be notoriously tricky but with her annual Christmas visit looming Katy Rink has some timely advice... Do you bite your lip when your mother-in-law is in the room? Are there times when you almost chomp right through it to spare her from actual, physical harm?

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Managing your Mother-in-Law | Netmums Blog on WordPress.com

What sort of mother-in-law do you have? Is she a steamroller, an apologist or a dodgy gran? Whatever the case, you have to have a strategy, says Katy Rink author of a new book on the subject Managing MIL. Katy is guest blogging for Netmums today and she shares with us some common types of mother-in-law...

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Man rows diamond ring 3,000 miles across Atlantic to propose

Harry Martin-Dreyer, 27, rowed to Barbados to propose to Lucy Plant, 27 The couple met 6 years ago while studying at Bristol University The London-based head-hunter was joined by friend Alex Brand, also 27 The pair set off on 1 December from Puerto de Mogan, Gran Canaria They rowed two

Not a Tesco in sight! Forget today's soulless chain stores. These magical pictures show the lost...

Pictures taken in Shropshire by Joseph Lewis della-Porta, a 25-year-old skilled photographer, whose family ran one of the UK's first department stores Photos have been printed from his original glass negatives - more than 100 of which still survive By Nick Enoch PUBLISHED: 09:03 EST, 26 December 2013 | UPDATED: 09:25 EST, 27 December 2013 At Dick's Depot, pairs of shoes and boots dangle outside the shop; while at Henry James, carcasses of meat tempt shoppers from the pavement.