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Katy Kohut

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Hello, my name is Katy Kohut. I am a content writer and curious mind looking to help others navigate the world though concise and understandable material. I have included some of my pieces below, ranging from profiles to creative compositions. Thank you very much for reading my work, and I hope they speak to you!

Piece for a journalism class.
Welcome to Texas

My professor instructed me to describe a place that holds a special place in my heart. I have been serving for years, so naturally I chose the restaurant I worked at, which is special to me for all the wrong reasons!

North Carolina Museum of Science
Living Conservatory

A piece written for the North Carolina Museum of Science during my internship. I interviewed multiple scientists and conducted extensive research to ensure accuracy.

WALTER Magazine
WALTER Magazine Sundown Shopping

I wrote this piece about the Raleigh Night Market for WALTER Magazine during my internship in 2018.

WALTER Magazine
WALTER Magazine End Note

I wrote an end note piece about the North Carolina State Fair which appeared in the October 2018 issue of WALTER Magazine.

Piece for Journalism Course
Tim Brent Profile

My professor instructed me to write a profile on a prominent member of the community. As a lover of all things hockey, I was lucky enough to interview Tim Brent! We had a great time discussing his time in the NHL over a cup of coffee, and I even got a few pointers!