Journal / Co-governance: building a stronger spirit of collaboration

How to co-create and negotiate the endless city is an ongoing process between its citizens, state and administration. Katy Hawkins interviews Christian Iaione, innovator behind Bologna's Co-cities Protocol - now set to transcend international borders - in search of new examples of collaboration, specifically between authorities and communities.

Here & Now, Summer 2015, The Academy of Urbanism
Journal / Participatory budgeting: community X-Factor or civic pedagogy?

Handing over to the local community decision-making on how to spend public money may seem at first sight politically daring. Young Urbanist Katy Hawkins speaks to three leading practitioners of participatory budgeting to explore how this increasingly popular process may lead to more civic engagement and greater democracy.

Wily Badger
Engage or destroy?

Possessing character in abundance, the Tram Depot in Upper Clapton, a Victorian relic and formerly a home to artists' studios and workshop spaces, was sold to the developers Upper Clapton Ltd in 2014. The sale caused contention in the local community after it was revealed that the developers sought to demolish most of the building.

Wily Badger
Neighbourhoods come and go: managing gentrification

Euan Mills, chair of the Chatsworth Road Neighbourhood Forum and exchair of the Chatsworth Road Traders and Residents Association, speaks to Katy Hawkins about the changing face of Chatsworth Road

The Peckham Peculiar
Pelican crossing

Joan Morris from the Pelican Estate has teamed up with neighbouring businesses to put on a series of activities and initiatives for residents. From artist-led workshops for kids to the yearly Summer Splash fete, the results have helped make her corner of Peckham a more inclusive place Words: Katy Hawkins; Photo Lima CharlieOn the Peckham and Camberwell border lies the Pelican Estate.

Chelmsford Ideas Festival 2014

The focus of this year's Chelmsford Ideas Festival was 'create' - explored through a multitude of activities, for all ages. As a part of the festival the Academy hosted a day comprised of three complimentary events - which looked to explore links between city life, creativity, health and well-being.

Urban Spree

Urban Spree (Culture) in Berlin, Revaler Straße 9, Friedrichshain district | Sunken at the forefront of the RAW maze-like compound, Urban Spree is a graffiti-laden brick and conc...

Have you met... District Berlin

District Berlin, located in the Malzfabrik grounds in Schöneberg, exists as a interdisciplinary think-tank and studio work space with a thematic focus on the present-day appropriation of public urban space.

Have you met... SOX

A self proclaimed "alternative showroom in public space, a vitrine on Oranienstrasse"; SOX marks an innovative approach to intermingling art with the 'every-day'. For, not immediately distinguishable as an art-world contribution, one can over look the space - given its geographical contextualisation on the bustling street, and nestled as it is amidst kiosks, cafés and an assortment of commercial establishments.

Beckett's Kopf

Beckett's Kopf (After Dark) in Berlin, Pappelallee 64, Prenzlauer Berg district | From the outside looking in you see an illuminated image of the bar's namesake, the avant-garde playw...

What Did I Miss/ What Did I Not Miss 28.03-31.03

WHAT DO YOU THINK? a) This is a good exhibition b) This is a bad exhibition c) The fact that there is no queue has nothing to do with the quality of the exhibition ci) The length of the queue has nothing to do with the quality of the exhibition

Café Liebling

Café Liebling (Food) in Berlin, Raumerstraße 36a, Prenzlauer Berg district | Cafe Liebling will lure you in off the street with its subtle sirenic wiles and shipwreck you for the...