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Men's Quest For Peak Physical Attractiveness Is Creating A Fertility Paradox

Scientists have described a new paradox surrounding men's quest to make themselves more attractive to the opposite sex that is potentially harming their fertility. The Mossman-Pacey paradox, named after the researchers who first described it, posits the contradiction that men trying to achieve a perceived notion of fitness or attractiveness that will make them more sexually appealing are instead damaging their "evolutionary fitness", reducing their chances of passing on their genes.

Climate Change Is Revealing Dead Bodies On Mount Everest

Mount Everest is famously the world's highest mountain, and to conquer it is to conquer the world. Plenty of people have managed it, and plenty of people have died trying. Mountaineering is a risky business.

Watching Nature Documentaries Makes Us Ridiculously Happy

A collaborative study between the BBC, makers of Planet Earth II, and the University of California Berkeley has found that watching nature documentaries significantly boosts our happiness and reduces stress and anxiety. Now anyone who has seen the nail-biting sequence known simply as "Baby iguanas v snakes" will be disagreeing rather emphatically right now.

Canada Considers Taking On US Pharma In The Event Of A Trade War

With an increasingly volatile leader who has consistently stretched out the hand of friendship to previously considered enemies while ignoring long-standing allies, a trade war between the US and its closest North American neighbor is not out of the question.

All The Things You'd Have To Carry With You If You Didn't Have A Smartphone

You've probably had the conversation a million times, usually with someone who is, let's just say, less technically capable: why are you always glued to your phone? Perhaps you've been accused of being antisocial or uncommunicative, or perhaps you're not appreciating or experiencing the real world enough, but do people really believe we would be better off without them?

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