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Katharine Trigarszky

Freelance editor and writer

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Starting school in Sweden

I can remember the last few weeks of the summer holidays always inspiring some measure of panic and chaos at home. Did I have all the books I needed for English class? Did my gym kit still fit me? Had we checked that all the labels were still securely sewn into my uniform?

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Working out in nature

Sweden has a reputation for being amongst the fittest nations in the EU, and now, thanks to outdoor gyms across the capital, Stockholmers have no excuse for maintaining this image. Katharine Trigarszky takes a look at the exercise options that the city's outdoor gyms provide.

Slow Travel Stockholm
The Rise of Boutique Fitness in Stockholm - Slow Travel Stockholm

Free yourself from the restrictions of monthly gym memberships and get fit the fun way. Find out more about the growing boutique fitness industry in Stockholm with Katharine Trigarszky. Until yoga studios and CrossFit boxes hit town, gyms in Stockholm typically offered the same package: access to facilities and equipment with the option of taking a few classes for a fixed monthly subscription.

To all the cakes I've loved before

As the end of my first winter here turned to spring, I started noticing that the bakeries would suddenly display one cake or baked good more than the others. One week it was punschruller (odd green marzipan rolls with their ends dipped in chocolate) and another it was mazarin (delicious tarts filled with almond paste and covered in icing).

Slow Travel Stockholm
Second-hand in Stockholm- From Thrift to Designer Goods - Slow Travel Stockholm

Find out what gems Stockholm offers with Katharine Trigarszky as she sorts through over 20 vintage, retro, and high-end designer second-hand shops in Stockholm. Stockholm has long had a reputation as a great spot for scavenging second-hand stores, for those who want to showcase their vintage style while also helping the planet.

Making the most of the library

According to Cicero, if you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need. I'm not sure about the garden part (I'm happy enough just to be a crazy plant lady in an apartment), but I'm with him on the library.

Home, sweet home?

"There's nothing like being verbally insulted in your home country and told you don't belong to reinforce that growing feeling you already have. Perhaps I've just been lucky here in Sweden that no one has ever shouted at me to go home. An added factor to this "where is home?"

A Parent's A-Z of life in Sweden

A: Astrid Lindgren - the grande dame of Swedish children's literature and the author of Pippi Longstocking (Pippi Långstrump), The Brothers Lionheart (Bröderna Lejonhjärta) and Karlsson-on-the-Roof (Karlsson på taket), among many, many more. How many have you read? B: Barnkalas - because children's birthday parties can fill up a family weekend like nobody's business.

Keeping school kids entertained this winter

The early school years are proving a challenging time for us in these dark autumn and winter months. Our boys are not yet at that age where they can just grab a book from the shelves and keep themselves entertained on dismal, rainy days. And the temptation to play video games runs strong in our oldest.