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Richmond Times-Dispatch
Religion, race discussed at first Lynchburg 'listening tour' event after middle school incident

LYNCHBURG - During a listening meeting Monday at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Chad Starks listens to speakers address issues that happened at Dunbar Middle school. A cross section of the community spoke out Monday evening at the first "Listening Tour" meeting Lynchburg City Schools administrators are hosting to discuss the issues of race and religion raised by a recent incident at P.L.


Richmond Times-Dispatch
New teacher takes winding road to classroom

FREDERICKSBURG - There were moments in the last two years when Luis Amador, 24, wondered if giving a teaching career a second chance was the right decision. There was the moment a student showed up to the school one Monday in Houston - where Amador was placed with Teach for America - accompanied by a police officer, having tried to steal a car over the weekend.

Richmond Times-Dispatch
Camp for people with intellectual disabilities builds spirit, adds adults-only week

FREDERICKSBURG - It's a story most twenty-somethings could tell. About a year ago, Brandon Gould, 22, moved to the Fredericksburg area from North Carolina, and it's taken him some time to build a social life. He's a talented abstract artist who works with every medium from paper to metal, and his work will be displayed in Fairfax's Fall Festival on Oct.

Richmond Times-Dispatch
Probability lesson a smashing success at Campbell middle school

LYNCHBURG - A trio of Brookville Middle School math teachers gave new meaning to the term "egghead" Thursday, all in the name of giving students a probability lesson that would really stick. It may have stuck most to teachers Stephanie Belotte, Jennifer Anderson and Kelly Lloyd, who spent the bulk of their day smashing eggs - some hard-boiled, some raw - onto their heads.

Richmond Times-Dispatch
Charges dropped against Lynchburg autistic student charged with assault

All charges have been dismissed against Kayleb Moon-Robinson, the former Linkhorne Middle School student with autism who was charged with felony assault in 2014, according to a statement published Monday on the Change.org petition started on his behalf.

Building the future: LCS students build 3D printers

Just watching a 3D printer work can be "mesmerizing," according to David Childress, Lynchburg City Schools director for information technology, so building one might do much more to encourage students to pursue STEM careers. Eleven students got the chance to do just that Monday and Tuesday, constructing 3D printers from kits.


Richmond Times-Dispatch
For former hostage Terry Anderson, life goes on in Orange County

The most well-known fact about former journalist Terry Anderson is that he was held hostage by Shiite Hezbollah militants in Lebanon for almost seven years, from 1985 to 1991. He's resigned to the cause for his fame. But for Anderson-also a former Marine, more recently a journalism professor, and now trying out the role of retired Orange County resident-life has gone on.

Richmond Times-Dispatch
Marine surprises son, 6, by coming home early to Stafford County - as Santa

FREDERICKSBURG - Six-year-old Jackson Rescott is used to waiting for his dad to get home from deployment with the Marine Corps. To hear his mother tell it, the first time Jackson waited for his father, David, he was still in the womb. "He was due on the Fourth of July," Ashley Rescott said.

Politics and policy

Richmond Times-Dispatch
The cost of care: For workforce development, child care counts

FREDERICKSBURG - Any morning is crazy for a single mom with three children under 5. But until recently, Brittany Gilbert's were even more of a struggle, as she drove two hours each day for affordable child care while working full-time and pursuing her graduate degree in business and management.

Richmond Times-Dispatch
Reclaiming what was lost along the way

LYNCHBURG - The story of Dunbar High School is one of the more nuanced tales of racial integration. And it is a story many feared might be lost, said former history teacher Brian Wray, who has tried to capture it in "Granny and the Wall," a children's book and history illustrated by former Dunbar student Bruce Mabry.