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Growing up in a small town left me with little to do, so I turned to reading and writing. Though my passion lies with creative writing (and one day to be a published author), I find that I enjoy all sorts of writing styles.

Excerpt from The Cave

This is a fictional writing sample, not published. An excerpt from a stlightly larger work.

Best Android Games of the Week

With No IAPs - week of 11-3 This article marks the beginning of a new Hardcore Droid feature, detailing this week's top five Android games with no IAPs, listing them from the merely great to the very best. Each game has its own unique reason for being on this list, and each shares the same quality: excellence.

The Best Android Games of The Week

The Most Hardcore Android Games - Week of November 10th What follows are the top five Hardcore Droid recommendations for the week of 11/10. All of them are guaranteed non-pay to win. The list ranges from Adventure games, to RPGs, and even includes a streamlined version of a strategy classic.

The Best Android Games Week 11/17 | Best Android Games

The Most Hardcore Games of the Week, Without IAPs 11-17 This week's top games include strategy games, an adventure game, and even a strategy board game. Props go to the new installment of XCOM, which once again goes beyond our expectations of a game being ported from PC and console.

Seriously releases Best Fiends | Gaming News

Best Fiends, a freemium mobile game by Seriously, released on October 8 th, 2014, is a match-three puzzle game with in-app purchases aplenty. This puzzle game is far different from your Candy Crush-style puzzler because it employs RPG elements and Pokemon-style gameplay.