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India: Beyond the lobby of the Real Marigold Hotel

This week saw the return of the BBC's The Real Marigold Hotel, a travel documentary series wherein a group of nine famous senior celebrities pack their bags and head to India, for a once in a lifetime trip uncovering the fascinating history, wonderful scenery and unique cultural differences of this kaleidoscopic destination.

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Late spring, early summer escapes

Choosing the 'right' season to visit a certain location can make or break or holiday, and whilst most destinations have something to offer all year round, some come in to their own during certain times of the year. Find out where you should be jetting off to this spring and summer below!

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24 hours in Amsterdam

Built on a myriad of canals interwoven with a labyrinth of atmospheric, narrow streets, Amsterdam is truly a delight to visit. The crooked buildings with traditional gabled facades house a multitude of enticing bakeries, vintage gift shops and stylish bistros, and with a number of world-famous museums and art galleries dotted around the cosmopolitan area, it's not difficult to see why Amsterdam is a favoured choice by many for a European city break.

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The most photographed places in the world

From the multitude of incredible personal advantages to the economic benefits enjoyed by local communities, there is a myriad of reasons that we think tourism is a wonderful thing. Travel broadens the mind, allowing people to immerse themselves in new cultures and discover the diverse history and cultural heritage that can be found throughout the world.

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Best Stopover Destinations | Great Rail Journeys

Stopovers are often seen as somewhat of an inconvenience when travelling, with the mere mention of the word conjuring up unappealing thoughts of hours of boredom sat in a busy airport lounge - but that doesn't have to be the case.

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Yorkshire Day: Our top 5 favourite things about Yorkshire

From the vibrant, cosmopolitan cities of Leeds and Sheffield and the rich history of Medieval York, to its quaint, rural villages and atmospheric seaside towns, Yorkshire is a truly wonderful destination

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World Chocolate Day: A Journey Through the History of Chocolate

From fine handmade artisan chocolates to a nostalgic bar of your favourite corner-shop chocolate brand, there is no doubt about chocolate's place in the culinary world. And, if there was ever a reason to indulge in an abundance of the delicious confection, it's Saturday 7th July - World Chocolate Day.

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Rorke's Drift Battlefield

On the afternoon of January 22nd, 1879, 4,000 Zulu warriors launched an attack on Rorke's Drift on the battlefields of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.