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Katie Quine

Editor, Writer, and Content Marketing Expert

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The best stories are those born out of conversation. The chatter starts mundanely enough. In grocery store aisles, on sidewalks, in dentist chairs. Not all talks transpire into something profound, but sometimes throwaway remarks about the weather and time give way to something deeper.

The stories strangers tell have moved my world in gentle ways. I am a passionate media professional with five years of experience writing and editing dynamic content for both traditional regional publications and well-known tourism brands. I have a strong attention to detail, and I love to approach every story with fresh eyes.

Our State Magazine
Buxton Hall Barbecue Brings Whole-Hog to Asheville | Our State Magazine

Elliott Moss takes in the quiet moments as they come. As pitmaster and co-owner of Asheville's Buxton Hall Barbecue, he hasn't gotten a lot of them recently. "When I'm in here, I cut all the lights off except this little lamp, and it's just like I'm outside, cooking a pig, standing in front of the burn barrel," Moss says.

Our State Magazine
Revisiting North Carolina's Ties to the Miracle on Hudson | Our State Magazine

She'd catch the same flight home nearly every Thursday afternoon. Most times, it'd depart at 2:45 p.m., but the plane Beth McHugh would take from New York to Charlotte on January 15, 2009 was late. After a snowy morning at LaGuardia Airport, US Airways Flight 1549 didn't leave the ground until 3:25 p.m.

Ole Red
Here's How to Plan the Ultimate Ole Red Road Trip - Ole Red

Grab your friends and pile in the car for a road trip that would make any Blake Shelton fan envious. Who needs the beach when you've got Spring Blake? First things first: For a small-town stage, Ole Red Tishomingo has seen some pretty big talent walk through its doors.

The Daily Tar Heel
Despite rare syndrome, Adam Paulraj turns 2 today

Parenthood brings its fair share of smiles and tears to any new mom or dad, but when Raja and Jessica Paulraj were not even sure if their adopted son would live another day, they were more often than not brought to their knees.

Grand Ole Opry
A Guide to Johnny Cash's Nashville | Grand Ole Opry

While Johnny Cash got his start as a rockabilly artist in Memphis, he'd go on to make the bigger waves in Nashville. In celebration of his February 26 birthday, here's how you can experience Nashville in the footsteps of "The Man in Black."

Our State Magazine
Bread & Kinship at Kindred in Davidson | Our State Magazine

It isn't often that a restaurant's bread and butter is its bread and butter. Somehow, bread has become something we eat simply to tide us over until the main course arrives. Well, enough of that. With all due respect to the baguette, the milk bread at Kindred restaurant in Davidson is more than a mere loaf.