Katie Marie Davies


United Kingdom

NCTJ-qualified, Russian-speaking reporter with indepth experience writing news, features, and social media content.



New Statesman
Censored in Russian, anti-war activists turn to indigenous languages

When the artist Polina Osipova saw photos of civilian bodies strewn across the street in the Ukrainian village of Bucha, she found she had no Russian words left to describe the atrocity. Instead, she sat and wrote an anti-war message in her mother tongue: Chuvash.

Which generation owns Kazakstan's future?

Half of Kazakhstan is under 29, which means young people are the future more than ever. But can they make their voices heard in a country where old-world values still rule?

The Baffler
Inside Russia's War on Dissent | Katie Marie Davies

When Russian troops began to cross the Ukrainian border on February 24, President Vladimir Putin launched two simultaneous wars. The first was a devastating military strike against Ukraine. The second was a crackdown against his own people.

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