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The Belladonna Comedy
Project Scope For the $40,000 Kitchen Remodel You Signed Up For to Avoid Hosting Thanksgiving For...

Project Objectives: Remodel your kitchen, while avoiding exposure to COVID-19 and Trump-talk. Project Tasks: New Cabinets, painted in Sherwin Williams Pewter Green Yes, painted cabinets. Yes, they scuff more easily, and yes, the finish might not last as long. But it will add at least a week to your project timeline, ensuring a kitchen-less, impossible-to-host Thanksgiving.

Transcripts From The HGTV COVID-19 War Room - Powered By Zoom

Property Brother: We've called this Zoom meeting to talk about the changing climate of interior design in light of the recent pandemic. We need to create a unified front to provide solutions for our HGTV audience. Other Property Brother: We're fucked.

The Belladonna Comedy
"No, I'm Not Pregnant, I'm Just Not Drinking Tonight"

You're a childless, married lady in her early thirties and you've decided not to drink tonight. Maybe it's a lifestyle choice, a personal decision, or you're just nursing a hangover from the night before and need a night off the sauce.


The Millions
Into the Wild: The Millions Interviews Alden Jones - The Millions

It's not seamless, and it's not supposed to be. In The Wanting Was a Wilderness, Alden Jones exposes the frayed edges a writer must contend with when gathering the pieces of her story, and then offers a pattern for assembling them into a narrative.