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Journalism Student at Sheffield Hallam University

Location icon United Kingdom,GB

Hi, I'm Katie

2:1 in Journalism from Sheffield Hallam University.

I enjoy writing about music, vintage fashion and reviews on books and the theatre.

So far I have had experience at:
The Local Observer
The IET newsletter
Week internship at the Sheffield Star
Work experience in Media City with the BBC
Work experience with GirlGuiding Magazine
Writer for Northern Exposure
Student Ambassador for NME magazine
Editor in Chief for H Magazine
Music Editor for Shulife



Katies guiding lights | Epilepsy Society

I've been in guiding since I was seven years old. I was a brownie, a guide, a member of the senior section and now I'm a leader. I've always been close to my leaders (pictured here with me, I'm third from the right) and we're really good friends.

The Best Food Creations for a Night Out

Eating before a night out is essential. If you don't you could become the rambling drunk in the take-away or end up in a taxi way before the night gets great! Lining your stomach is key. The best dishes for a night out have to be some form of pasta meal.

Who Needs Men...We've Got Food!

Valentine's Day comes but once a year, but if there's no partner is it doomed to be a depressing day? The answer is no! All you need is some hearty food, a good appetite and a bit of laughter (that means get the girls round for the night!)


A day out with Mr Darcy

Anyone living near, in or just visiting Sheffield should take a day to visit Chatsworth House in Bakewell. The best time to visit would be the summer mainly due to the vast garden which includes a lake and maze. Not only is the outside jaw dropping but the large home is astonishing.

Going It Alone - Rome

Travelling has always been something I'm highly passionate about and with summer at my disposal I decided I wanted to go away but party holidays just weren't my 'thing.' So I was faced with stay at home and have my regrets - or go alone. I feel I choose rightly.

London Life

Busy, fast paced and fun are great terms to describe London life. For a northerner, trips to the capital are rare so with three days to see everything it was a time squeeze to say the least. Day 1: With the afternoon ours to play with, we headed straight out and off to the Sherlock Holmes museum on Baker Street.

Europe On Your Doorstep

Europe, the land across the water, filled with spectacular sights that should be taken advantage of. Why, when the beer of Berlin, the Eiffel Tower of Paris and the Coliseum of Rome conveniently placed on our doorstep would you not go exploring?


The Sherlocks- Sheffield's rising stars | SHU Magazine

For five years the lads have been working continuously hard to get to where they are now. They're currently touring through England and stopping off in 23 countries, many of which have sold out, including Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds.

Striking Artists vs Popular Idols

Music editor, Katie Hetherington tells us about talented artists who haven't quite got the recognition they deserve. It seems celebrity clothing, or lack of clothing maybe more accurate, has taken to be the number one priority in today's music industry. So what if an artist wears nothing but her underwear or a suit made of meat.

Imagine Dragons: Smoke + Mirrors

That's right Imagine Dragons have returned better than ever with their new album 'Smoke + Mirrors.' With 18 new tracks at your disposal this album is fast becoming a must have for music lovers. The album is only a few days old but has already reached number two in the iTunes charts and not hard to see why.

The busker with a plan

Every artist comes from somewhere, they enter the scene however they can. For 23 year old busker Oliver Manning he's come up with a unique way of making his dream come true.

Freshers are Somewhat Unprepared...

Sheffield band, Somewhat Unprepared made a début appearance at West Street Live last week. The venue mention is known for its gigs, night life and its support of real honest music. Whilst it seems the freshers hadn't quite found the gig and left the dance floor looking sparse the band played on whole heartedly.

Alternative artists, like no others...

Alternative artists are usually defined in today's media as soft rock, something which tends to avoid being the typical 'chart music' but what about the true alternative artists, the ones that are different but brilliant?

Beards taking over the world...

Music Editor Katie Hetherington wants you to think of the strangest band you've heard of. Or an artist who makes songs silly songs that are ridiculously catchy? Well lets just say an Australian band known as 'The Beard's' has won the title of the ultimate band in the world.

Ahora night at O2 Academy

On Friday 26th September, Ahora are bringing one of the most talked about acts and labels in the whole of house music to the O2 Academy in Sheffield. French house pair Amine Edge & DANCE will headline a party under the banner of their label, CUFF, with closely associated acts Clouded Judgement and Sion also playing.

Is blues music dead?

No. Not even a chance. Blues Rock artist, John Fairhurst is back, bigger and better than ever with his upcoming singles and LP. Having released his first single 'Breakdown' in August and 'No Shelter' in September fans are awaiting the new album.

Queen forever

That's right, Freddie is back or well his musical talent is including a fabulously anticipated duet with Michael Jackson. The debut album 'Queen Forever' is to be released in November and will be including unheard songs, classic queen tracks and new takes on well known tracks.

Electronic night at Plug

Music sub editor, Katie Hetherington is calling all you electronic fans as Plug has the night for you. From international renowned artists to ones who are making a name for themselves, Plug has got it all covered.

Mosborough Music Festival 2014

Our Music Editor, Katie Hetherington, headed down to Mosborough Music Festival for a field day (quite literally) of Sheffield bands in aid of Saint Luke's Hospice. Here, she gives us the low down to lure you to listen to more local bands... Sheffield band The Sherlocks made an appearance at Mosborough Music Festival, Saturday 7th June.

[REVIEW] Somewhat Unprepared

Sheffield band Somewhat Unprepared an upcoming breakthrough act? After hitting the one year mark, Somewhat Unprepared have won the Derbyshire Times 2014 band of the year award, and are even supporting Doused at the O2 Academy in Sheffield.

SHUMedia - Music - Why We're All Going 80's Crazy

With the X Factor celebrating the 80′s last weekend, Katie Hetherington looks at what made the music from that era so exciting... Words by: Katie Hetherington Picture this: you're thrown back to the 80's. There's no Rihanna. There's no Lady Gaga. What do you do? Firstly, you divulge into the music scene.

Is Rock and Roll dead?

Last week, SHUlife Music showed you why you should embrace the 80's trend but musical history has definitely evolved. Are the good old days of Rock and Roll really over? Katie Hetherington gives us the scoop. Words By: Katie Hetherington Rock and Roll is perceived in many different ways.

Led Zeppelin- 2014s Song Writers Hall of Fame nominees

Forty-five years in the making, and it's about time Led Zeppelin were recognised for their musical presence; and what better way can you celebrate with a place in the Song Writers Hall of Fame. The continued success of guitarist Jimmy Page, singer Robert Plant, bassist and keyboardist John Paul Jones, and drummer John Bonham began in the late 60s.

The Twang at The Leadmill

Artiste: The Twang Venue: The Leadmill Date: 28th of February 2014 Words By: Katie Hetherington With the show being the last date of their tour, the performance was at an all time high. Beginning with the supports of 'The Grafham Water Sailing Club' and 'Towns' who were both unique but nevertheless highly enjoyable.

You Me At Six announce new single & new album set for January release

You Me at Six are back. Having announced a new album release for the 27th January 2014 the boys have returned bigger and better than ever. This year we see the return of front man Josh Franceschi, lead guitarist Max Helyer, guitarist Matt Barns, Drummer Dan Flint and bassist Chris Miller.

McFly and Busted bring you Mcbusted!

Words By: Katie Hetherington A super group has been formed: McBusted. And if there was one tour that should happen it's this one. Set for April 2014, we get to see Mcfly and Busted join forces as they make an incredible tour and form what they call a 'super group'- something which we can all agree on.

You Me At Six set to release an album next January

Words By: Katie Hetherington News of the century for You Me at Six fans: they have announced a new album release for the 27th of January 2014. Bigger and better than ever, the boys are back. We see the return of Josh, Max, Matt, Dan and Chris after a yearlong break which has left all their fans anticipating their next move.

Icona Pop - Album Review

Icona Pop are back. Bigger, bolder and better than ever this Swedish band are certainly delivering. Their album 'This Is...' was released last September and it's time to give it the recognition it needs. Most of you will remember the catchy 'I Love it' and if you enjoyed it, then the album is perfect for you.

SHUlife's Top 10 Christmas Tunes

Katie Hetherington tells you the top ten songs that you need to get into the festive spirit. It's that time of the year again. Anyone else feel like 2013 has flown by? As we tick the days of December off- or eat your way through a chocolate calendar (for those who don't have one, I am judging) it's time to look at the ultimate top ten Christmas songs.

Nina Nesbitt taking the world by storm with latest EPs

Following the release of her EP 'Stay Out', Nina Nesbitt has been making her mark in the music scene. After touring with the likes of Ed Sheeran and Example, she is now on her way to stardom. Following her recent release Nina has been promoting her music with a UK tour.

The Band T-Shirt Revival

The trend of band t-shirts is ever growing, just how much has this trend impacted the music industry? Katie Hetherington explains what she has notices.... Words by: Katie Hetherington In the last couple of years more and more "retro" bands have become increasingly popular with our generation, but what is curious about that is whether this new found trend started from a fashion statement?

You Me At Six teases fans with single releases

Words By: Katie Hetherington Not only is You Me At Six intent on pleasing their fan base with a new album release, they keep introducing new taster releases which really keeps you on your toes. After releasing their first single of the album, they released two more in the last week- 'Fresh Start Fever' and 'Hope For the Best'.

Upcoming artist Nina Nesbitt to release album next month

Following the release of her EP 'Stay Out' in 2013, Nina has not stopped and we are thankful for that. Nina's music is something that's missing, she's the indie female artist that's well on her way to success. She is currently working on a full album titled Peroxide.

Book Reviews

Meet the badass, Jack Reacher.

Meet Jack Reacher, the world's biggest badass. Author Lee Child has created a character that makes James Bond look like a child's cartoon character. The series of books follow Reacher who is an ex-soldier that travels through America, staying in motels and trying to enjoy life.

How to be Sherlock Holmes

Ever wondered how Sherlock does what he does? How he solves the impossible? Well author Daniel Smith may have just cracked that for you. The book titled 'How to think like Sherlock' does exactly what the title says. With tips on how to improve your powers of observation, memory and deduction.

Rowling Returns

J.K Rowling is back after just three years, this time with a trilogy of films about magical beasts. Based on the 54 page novel, 'Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them' by Newt Scamander the film intends to unearth all magical beasts, from garden gnomes to the Norwegian ridgeback.

The 'I Heart' Series: Lindsay Kelk

I Heart New York- A tale of romance aided with quirky little adventures that have you laughing out loud. In the past few years, Kelk has released four books following the classic life of 'Angela' but for now we shall focus with the first instalment to the series: 'I Heart New York'.

Recipe for Life

Mary Berry the nations sweetheart gives us an insight into her life. From wars, to marriage and to developing her passion for cooking. Filled with images, quirky events and recipes, Mary's autobiography instils the love of this adorable woman.

The Book Of Yoga

After searching high and low for a new book to entertain me, I came across a self teaching yoga book right at the back of my mums wardrobe. What got me intrigued was it's not like all the new workouts that give false images of what you will look like after a week.

I Heart Paris: Lindsey Kelk

Following the successful I Heart series by Lindsey Kelk we are once again back - only this this time we see Angela Clark strut her stuff in Paris. 'I Heart Paris' sees Angela go on request of her rock-star boyfriend, and when Angela decides to incorporate her job with the trip everything seems to be going great.

I Heart London by Lindsey Kelk Review

After travelling to the great landmarks and journeying on some rather strange adventures, it's time to return to Angela's (and Kelk's) homeland as we see the adventures extend to London. Upon her return Angela faces her mother, her best friend and her new baby (how terrifying) and her ex-fiancé.

I Heart Hollywood by Lindsey Kelk

Continuing the 'I heart series' we follow Kelk on yet another miss-adventure and divulge into the pages of the brilliant 'I heart Hollywood.' Kelk had us gripped at the first book and left us on a huge cliff hanger. But not to worry!

I Heart Vegas by Lindsey Kelk

So we've been to New York, Hollywood and Paris, now Kelk has the brilliant idea to take us to Vegas. And why not? A city of excitement and scandals- a perfect setting for our accident prone Angela. In the last book we left Angela jobless after she inappropriately insulted her bosses niece rather crudely- whoops!

I Heart Christmas Review

And about time; Lindsey Kelk has certainly left all of her 'I Heart' fans in anticipation. She left us believing Angela had settled down and married her extremely cool rock star of a boyfriend. But that is not the case. It seems Angela has not quite finished with her adventures just yet.

Books To Film - When It's Good, It's Good

When it comes to films it's considered the book is always better. But that doesn't mean to say there hasn't been any great adaptations... Growing up most of you were hooked on the wizarding world of Harry Potter and why not? J.K Rowling created a fantasy world that we all marvelled in.

Book review: Frankenstien

Frankenstein: the monster or the man? Well-read Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and you may just find out. A renowned classic that is truly horrific and befitting given that Halloween has just passed. If you haven't read it then you certainly are missing out. Shelley's descriptions are extremely vivid- to the point you can image the building of the monster.

Why the Book Beats Kindle

As technology advances it seems even the simplest of pleasures are deemed as outdated. Replacements for everything seem to appear daily and the Kindle is no exception. Sure there are advantages, you can read multiple books at once, and it's more value for money in the sense that the e-books are much cheaper than a book.

Wreck This Journal - A Revolution Of The Book World?

Written by the ingenious Keri Smith the book is filled with pages dedicated to creative ways to 'destroy the book.' The book is a way to record your day to day activities through the means of stains, keep sakes you've found and little doodles.

TV and Film Reviews

Into The Woods: A Sneak Peek

Disney has once more pulled out a magical film from the past for us all to enjoy. In a recreation of the Brothers Grimm stories, new film, Into the Woods is set to be released in January next year and the recent trailer has got Disney lovers in a rage of excitement.

Notebook actor, James Garner dies aged 86

Famous actor for the recent role in his death in The Notebook, dies at the age of 86. James Garner the versatile actor who was more famously known for his role in The Rockford Files died on Saturday 19th of July. The actor died in his Los Angeles home.

Maleficent Review

There are two themes that seem to be rising in recent Disney films: woman power and twists on classic tales. And Maleficent certainly followed this. Maleficent is the untold story of the evil fairy witch that cursed Aurora or better known as sleeping beauty.

Out run by billions

Popular game Temple Run reached one billion downloads this week. The second game franchise to have such an achievement and in just three years since the launch in 2011. The 3-D endless running has grown into a top gaming category. Reaching the one billion mark has certainly been an inspiration to the founders at Temple Run, and a milestone achievement.

Disney excitement: Cinderella Teaser

Last week Disney released a snippet of the upcoming film Cinderella. Only showing the glass slipper the teaser trailer has certainly got fans excited. Once again it's the glass slipper which has sparked the interest. The original Cinderella was released in 1950 and the remake is due out early next year in March 2015.

The Great British Bake Off Returns

It's back - The Great British bake off. Mary and Paul are once again giving those steely looks on the 12 new homebakers. The fabulous and slightly insane hosts Sue and Mel are obviously back and haven't changed. The first episode was cakes. Delicious, lovely and wonderful cakes.

Reliving the war- BBC style

The Crimson Field is the hit new mini-series set in time of the First World War on the French front line where a British hospital is based, portraying the misadventures of the nurses, doctors and soldiers. The series follows volunteer nurses who have left their homes to help with the war efforts.

Rowling Returns

J.K Rowling is back after just three years, this time with a trilogy of films about magical beasts. Based on the 54 page novel, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them' by Newt Scamander the film intends to unearth all magical beasts, from garden gnomes to the Norwegian ridgeback.

Only Fools and Horses does Sport Relief

Only Fools and Horses made a guest appearance on this year's Sport Relief, their first since 2003! And joining David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst was Del and Rodders' new best friend, David Beckham. What an unforgettable moment that was. It's time!

Sheffield Nightlife

If there is one thing Sheffield does excellently, its there student night life. With a variety of clubs offering great deals across the week. Here are a few brilliant choices that you should check out if your ever in the neighbourhood. Unlike most clubs DQ and Viper Rooms are free entry whilst Corporation is £1 before 12.

RAG Take Me Out Charity Event

Raise and Give or rag as it's more commonly known, had Sheffield Hallam University students organising and taking part in a Take Me Out event. Tuesday 11th February, three days before the ever so popular Valentines Day. The committee had secured an excellent venue to host our event, Revolución de Cuba, Sheffield.

Film/TV Reviews

Baby Behind The Buzz!

Friday 14th March had all Mcfly fans congratulating Giovanna and Tom Fletcher as they announced the arrival of their baby boy. It was proudly stated that on Thursday 13th March at 7pm baby Buzz Michelangelo Fletcher entered the world, with both parents happily tweeting the arrival.


The Purge: Anarchy review

The Purge: Anarchy is the sequel to the 2013 American horror/thriller The Purge. Based in the future of American civilisation there is one day per year in which there are no laws. A horrific prospect that gives sadistic citizens who like to kill free rein on the rest of his fellow men.


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