Kathryn Funk

Content Writer

United States

I am a writer, communicator and side entrepreneur. Hailing from Appalachia, I pride myself as a natural-born storyteller. Through my experiences of living, working, and traveling abroad I've developed an engaging yet digestible voice.

My professional specialties are balanced between acting as an outward-facing company representative to writing evergreen content, thought pieces, on-the-pulse news, social media copy and email campaigns. When it comes to editing, I can maintain an existing tone or breathe in a fresh one.

Beyond being a wordsmith, I am a wanderer who colors outside the lines. I thrive in lively cities yet enjoy the serenity of an enduring hike in the hills or open water swim. Observing cultures and indulging the tasty foods alight me, but my idea of fun is little more than a good conversation over a dark beer.

Lexidy Law Boutique
Great American Exodus

America - the leader of the free world. An economic powerhouse with far-reaching world influence. A country founded by immigrants. The iconic land of the brave, burgers, Hollywood, Wall Street, high salaries, American football, Disney, the Grand Canyon, civil rights, massive homes, overconsumption, mad consumerism....an endless list defining the American dream.

U.S. States Offering Incentives to Attract Remote Talent

The global pandemic changed the landscape of work, in turn impacting migration and mobility. In fact, we've always know that migration is fluid and this is simply part of our genetic composition. Interestingly enough, while ...

Brazil Jumps on the Digital Nomad Bandwagon

As of January 24th, Brazil has opened its own version of the Digital Nomad Visa allowing remote working foreigners to legally reside in the country for one year. The visa can then be renewed for an additional year. The glob...

Buying Property In Italy

People around the world dream of someday owning a picturesque Italian villa with a small olive grove or a few acres of vines. As Italian cities brim with idyllic landscapes and Renaissance art, it's the high quality of life and low cost of living which make buying a property seem like the next logical step.

Uncharted Waters - The Bahamas Digital Nomad Visa Suspended

The Bahamas was one of the pioneering nations to join the phenomenon of Digital Nomad Visas in 2020 with their Bahamas Extended Access Travel Stay (BEATS) program. However, a recent newsflash and at least one personal experie...

Funk's Wooden Wonders
Why Wood ?

The rationales behind choosing wooden toys over plastics are endless, a topic to be explored through a series of articles rather than only one. However, here are a few overview points on why, if you haven't already, you should ditch plastics and add wooden toys to you cart now!