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Writer, editor, proofreader, researcher, translator

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A conscientious, empathetic writer with a keen eye for detail, I can bring my own voice to your project or tailor my work to fit your needs. I have years of experience editing and proofreading essays and exams, particularly for non-native speakers of English. My work as an English as a Second Language teacher means that I can help pinpoint errors and explain correct usage.

With extensive experience as a research assistant, I am used to getting my hands dirty in archives and at deciphering hundred-year-old handwriting. I speak, read and write French fluently (both international and Canadian French) and am available to translate from French to English while maintaining the tone of a document.

Pilgrims' Menus on the Camino de Santiago, Then and Now: Part 2

Paella valenciana (made with chicken, rather than seafood), Hontanas, Castilla y León Having introduced readers of the Historical Cooking Project to the Camino de Santiago in my last post, I wanted to talk about my own experience as a pilgrim on the Camino Frances this past fall.

Les Dîners de Gala, by Salvador Dali

Some cookbooks are written to fulfill a necessity. For instance, the first book we tackled for the Historical Cooking Project back in November, Catharine Parr Traill's The Female Emigrant's Guide, was designed to teach town-dwelling Englishwomen how to cook with the ingredients they would find in the Canadian backwoods.

King Cake for Mardi Gras

In 1996, when I was ten years old and living just south of Washington, D.C., my mother took a job at a bakery-café in the tiny town where we lived. The baker was a family friend who had training in both kosher-style and New Orleans-style baking.

Pilgrims' Menus on the Camino de Santiago, Then and Now (Part 1)

The first time I heard about the Camino de Santiago, I couldn't believe that there were people who wanted to walk a medieval pilgrimage route. After all, it's the twenty-first century, and buses, trains and flights cross Europe - why would anyone choose to walk through Spain?

The Billfold
Scraping a Living at a Crêpes Restaurant

by Kathleen V Gudmundsson "Are you afraid of getting burned?" asked my supervisor as I gingerly lifted a floppy, undercooked crêpe with a spatula. I looked at it with dismay as it fell apart. She swept it off to the side with one long motion of her own spatula, greasing the griddle again.

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