Kathleen Tan

Freelance Writer

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A well-told story has the power to influence minds and effect change in society.

Telling stories - for the past 8 years in print and broadcast journalism, that's what I have been up to. I particularly enjoy writing human interest pieces, whether on social issues or entrepreneurship.

Other areas I have covered include living & property, education, CEO interviews, lifestyle, advertising, environment, management leadership and talent.

Putting people first

Pre-event write-up featuring Tange Associate's President Paul Tange and Panasonic Malaysia's Tan Chee Hon for The Future Forward Forum organised by REHDA Youth and Nippon Paint Malaysia

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Building one enterprise after another

Interview with Joel Neoh, founder of KFIT and former regional head of Groupon Asia-Pacific, on how he built successful businesses and what drives him as an entrepreneur

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Life-changing working holidays

Interviews with individuals who embarked on working holidays around the world in a journey of self-discovery and wanderlust

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Take a closer look before endorsing the TPPA, warns economist

With the promise of major economic benefits and investments estimated to rise by US$136bil (RM528bil) to US$239bil (RM927bil) over the same period, Malaysia's decision to sign the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement in February looks like a step in the right direction.However, economist Jomo Kwame Sundaram warns the public not get carried away with the projected benefits without first considering the costs, as there are major adverse implications for the country.

Monash University Malaysia
A Prince Among Men

Interview with Monash University Malaysia student Mohamad Rahman bin Iman Hussein on how he overcame the odds to secure the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation - Monash Equity Scholarship 2016

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A blooming business

Interview with Happy Bunch founders Joanne Ho and Beh Lee Yen - considered among the pioneers of the curated flower delivery industry in Malaysia

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Serving hope to the homeless

Delicious stews and porridge may be the main fare at Pit Stop Community Cafe but what stands out is its mission to help people rediscover what it means to be human again

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Positive vibes for rainforests

Interview with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) director-general Kim Carstensen on the importance of forest management certification and the challenges that lie in Malaysia

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B-School For Managers

Interview with Noelle Lim, programme director, BFM B-School on the radio station's foray into the executive education sphere

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