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Kathleen Burdo

Writer and Marketing/Events Specialist

Location icon United States of America

Queer, poly, sex positive, intersectional feminist, sex geek.

Kathleen Burdo is a freelance writer and social media and events expert. With a decade of writing experience, her passions are covering international politics, the vast range of human sexuality, and issues relating to intersectional feminism. A Vermont native, she shares her life with her nesting partner and two dogs. Super powers include, but are not limited to, over-analyzing everything, meta-thinking, and being unintentionally intimidating. Follow her on twitter @kathleenburdo.

What Nobody Talks About When They Talk About Polyamory

Communication is hammered home to everyone who's new to polyamory as the key to the lifestyle, and for good reason: good poly is only possible with good communication. But despite talking everything to death, we somehow miss a lot of important points in those conversations.

Shop Handmade At Soko

Innovation and entrepreneurial spirit can be found in all corners of the globe - but opportunity and access to basic technology and reliable shipping methods varies widely depending on where you are. Hard-working artisans striving to make a living off their wares in places like Senegal or Paraguay start at a disadvantage because they usually only have access to a very local market.

Time For Tech Workers Union?

As the recent BART strike highlighted, tensions tend to run high between technologists and unions. But with worsening job conditions and security, is it time to bury the hatchet? The tech industry is plagued with job concerns similar to those of the manufacturing industry pre-unionization.

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