Kathleen Murphy

Independent health and wellness writer

United States

I'm an independent journalist and PR pro who writes about physical health, emotional wellness, and successful aging. After decades of covering these beats for national publications and Fortune 500 clients, I'm using what I've learned to help every person live their healthiest life possible. I'm living my dream through my creative projects and my adventures in the great outdoors.


Mental & Physical Health

Wise & Well
New Hope for Parkinson’s Patients

Yoga workouts slowed — but didn’t stop — Mom’s disease. New research adds fresh clinical tools that may end it altogether Kathleen Murphy Wise & Well

Can Anyone Be Hypnotized?

Not everyone gets sleepy watching the watch swing. Here’s why, and what science is doing to bring hypnosis out of the shadows.

Wise & Well
Your Weight Loss Plan is Doomed to Fail

Big Food companies have purposely addicted you to junk, creating an unfair fight. Science offers a simple and pleasurable way to win the battle.

Wise & Well
Before Thanksgiving Turns Ugly

The holiday linked to gratitude and togetherness has morphed into a minefield. Experts weigh in on how to lower the temperature and keep your sanity intact.

Wise & Well
Why Clowns Are So Terrifying

Psychology explains why — for so many of us — these stars of kiddie birthday parties and peddlers of good, clean fun are truly no laughing matter

Wise & Well
How Tai Chi Eased My Chronic Pain

To a skeptical health writer, energy healing seemed as fake as a cheap Rolex. But when nothing else worked, she leaned into this ancient mystical practice.

Wise & Well
The Scary Science Behind the Ouija Board

Does this eerie parlor game really give voices to ghostly spirits? While the answer is debatable, scientists envision even more intriguing clinical applications.

In Fitness and In Health
Muscle Loss and What to Do About It

Muscle loss increases with age, and can lead to greater weakness and less mobility. But through the right exercise, muscle strength can be maintained.

To Lift Your Life, Lift Some Weights

Strength training does more than fortify muscles. It saved my daughter from an abusive relationship, and likely saved her life.

Wise & Well
Why Extreme Heat Kills So Quickly

Research indicates that heat and humidity become dangerous or even lethal at levels much lower than previously believed. Here's how to protect yourself.


Crow's Feet
The Death of the American Dream

Why does the American Dream elude so many young people? Boomers would do well to shift their perspective and acknowledge how lucky they've been.

Crow's Feet
When Life Throws You Curveballs

Whether planned or unplanned, life's transitions as we age can be frightening. But they can also be opportunities for growth and positive change.


Wise & Well
When Life Goes Stale

When life goes stale, a new retiree tries to shake things up at the roulette table, with unexpected results.

Crow's Feet
What Retirement Does to Your Sense of Time

In retirement, some things speed up, while others slow down. Before you take the plunge, learn how to maintain your balance and avoid losing your bearings.

Crow's Feet
When Work No Longer Works

COVID-19 causes a burned-out worker to reexamine her life's priorities and make some life-altering changes.

Crow's Feet
A Window on the World Beyond Work

When the path to retirement is unclear, a burned-out worker tunes into the voice within and finds the courage to build a life of balance and authenticity.


Wise & Well
Have Regrets? To Move Forward, Look Backward

The prevailing wisdom advises ignoring your regrets. Science calls bullshit. Reviewing your regrets can be liberating…and can be the path to your best life.

Personal Essays

Crow’s Feet
This Is My Holiday of Missing Out

It may sound Grinchy, but it’s not. I’ve embraced JOMO — the Joy of Missing Out — and I’m already feeling merrier

Crow's Feet
Fall Things Considered

Alas, another summer is history. But if you’re willing to brave the chill, autumn offers some pretty amazing perks.

Bouncin' and Behavin' Blogs
It's My Birthday and I'll Do What I Want To

A 60-something woman realizes the best birthday gifts aren't exotic adventures or self-improvement products...but instead family, friends, wine, and dogs.