Katherine Sanders

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Hi, my name is Katie Sanders and I recently graduated from Temple University's Klein College of Media and Communication where I got my BA in Communication Studies and minored in Public Relations. I am also got a certificate from the School of Sport, Tourism, and Hospitality Management in Event Leadership. After four years of interning, volunteering, and working in media and communication and I'm looking forward to what the future holds!

[email protected] | 610-883-1965 | linkedin.com/in/katherinebsanders

Social Media Report

This is an edited copy of a social report that I compiled during one of my internships for a Fortune 11 company. These reports would be put together biweekly and then another would be created for each quarter.

UPchieve Social Sharing Guide

As the Director of Philanthropy for UPchieve, I am constantly working to get UPchieve the funding it needs to help close the achievement gap. Part of this means applying to grants and interacting with donors, other times that means helping create a buzz about the organization. One of my favorite projects I've worked on is the UPchieve Social Sharing Guide which I created to help the Marketing Team promote social media interaction from the UPchieve staff.

Klein College
Klein Career Fair Employer Welcome Packet

This welcome packet & survey for the Klein College Internship & Career Fair was used to give employers information about the Fair and help provide feedback for the next year.

GS Social Content

At one of my past internships, I created social media content for a local branch of a national nonprofit. The content was posted on Twitter and Facebook to thousands of followers.

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