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Branded Magazine
Crystal Healing

On a late Saturday afternoon in October, I walked out of a new age shop with three of my friends. One had just purchased a handful of crystals that were supposedly going to aide her in gathering courage. She was just about to quit her day job in order to pursue her passion.

Branded Magazine
Vanity & Tinder

Thoughts on the dating apocalypse.

Branded Magazine
Meet Barlcay

Over the years, Margaret Barclay, boutique owner and designer, saw a major gap in our wardrobes. Why was it that our boyfriends could just throw on a simple sports jacket over a ratty t-shirt and jeans and instantly receive all of those head turns, even if they were just running out for coffee?

Branded Magazine: The Drive
On The Grind

So it's clear that we needed better coffee, but how does one decide to turn this quest into a career? "I guess the sexy answer would be, I don't even know what I would do without this," laughs Ho.

Branded Magazine
The Aftermath of Being a Bachelorette

Hands shaking, I poured myself a gin and tonic. Two hours later, I poured myself another one. If I was anxious before the photo shoot, it was nothing compared to how I felt after. When I was told that I had been chosen as one of the bachelorettes for Branded Magazine's February issue last year, ...

Branded Magazine: The Drive
Age: Just A Number?

These are the questions and statements I was bombarded with when it became common knowledge that I was dating someone younger than me.

BRANDED Magazine: The Spark
Three's A Crowd

Second article published in issue three of Calgary's lifestyle magazine.


Oil & Grain
feature | friday night chronicles

inspired by the question "how did you two meet" our radiant friend and fellow blogger, the recently published and incredibly talented Katherine Tetz created fridaynightchronicles.com. watching Katie take action in her life, seeing her writing career evolve and joyfulness metric sky rocket we couldn't resist asking her to do a guest post on our blog.

a diary of adulthood
The Spinster Wish: A Book Review

"I was twenty-eight. It was the year 2000. Nobody was making me marry anyone. But the pull toward it felt as strong as an undertow, the obvious next step in a mature and orderly existence. And when I thought about being alone at forty - the inconceivable far future - I froze."

It's Date Night
Girlfriend Zone: The Grey Area

Like it or not, if you live with me, you're going to become someones girlfriend. I'm sort of like Good Luck Chuck. Except if I remember correctly he had to sleep with a girl in order for her to find true love. That's not the case here, I assure you.

It's Date Night
Spirit Animals & Such

Horoscopes, spirit animals, gemstones and dating: Things I sort of believe in.

It's Date Night
On Being Alone

In this summer's issue of FLARE, Briony Smith wrote an article called "The L Word", and no she wasn't writing about love. Instead, she wrote about a topic much less talked about: That of loneliness. It made me think about two summers ago when I was one of the only single people at a friend's wedding.

It's Date Night
Tinder Statistics

I'm kind of a yes person so I'm not half bad at getting other people to say yes to things they don't really want to do, like say, download Tinder. I had decided that 2015 would be a Tinder-free year. So why would I swear it off but still convince my girlfriends that it's worth a shot?

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