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Creative Content Manager

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Webcast - GDPR Legislation: What Senders Need to Know

We can all agree the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a hot topic these days, but from there things get a little fuzzy. How does it apply to organizations sending email? Is it something to worry about, or should we continue with business as usual?

Video Series - Unread Mail

A video series from SendGrid focused on email best practices, industry news, and email inspiration!

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Blog Post - Email Marketing We're Geeking Out About: Pandora

Did you know that Monday was officially the first day of summer? In my opinion, nothing compares to mixing some fruity drinks, throwing some shades on, and heading outdoors to soak up some sun. But of course, this scenario is far from complete without some great music playing to complete the ambiance.

Webcast - The Art and Science of Email Marketing

Making it to the inbox requires a little bit of art and a little bit of science. Join us as our Content Marketing and Delivery Consulting Teams share best practices for your email marketing program and explain the delivery science behind why you should be doing them. We'll share: