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Digital marketing professional based in Los Angeles. BA Stanford, MA University of Warwick (England).

Fast Company
3 Steps To Make Working Remotely More Effective Than The Office

I recently had major ankle surgery. This meant that I was going to have to spend a significant amount of time working from home. The situation spurred lively debate among my friends as to the nature of telecommuting, spanning a range of vehement opinions: from "You'll get so much done without people lurking around your desk," to "I don't know how you would do that and not watch Game of Thrones all day."

WeWork Magazine
Two Weeks With Edgar: How I Increased Our Referrals From Twitter By 655%

Twitter. Sometimes, it seems like the Twitter feed is where your character-limited quips and hashtag-heavy attempts to engage your audience go to die. Quietly, and in the midst of the six thousand other tweets that were also sent in the same second. That corresponds to over 350,000 tweets sent...

Fast Company
How Introverts Can Network Without Losing Their Minds

I recently discovered that introversion and shyness are not the same thing. I was operating under the (misguided) impression that "introvert" and "extrovert" were synonymous with "shy" and "outgoing." This is inaccurate. Introversion and extroversion merely refer to where we get our energy from, or how we recharge our brains: Introverts recharge by spending time alone.

Center for Cultural Policy Studies
Trust In The Sharing Economy: An Exploratory Study

All over the world, people are renting rooms from strangers through Airbnb, outsourcing grocery trips to TaskRabbits, and getting across town with ride-sharing service BlaBlaCar. These people are participating in the sharing economy, an estimated $26 billion sector that has rapidly grown from a niche market to a mainstream social movement.

Career Contessa
How To Advance Your Career Through Skills-Based Learning

Do you use what you learned in college in the workplace? If the answer is "not really," you're not alone. According to new data released yesterday, while almost half of Americans say their higher education helped them get their first job, more than a third believe they use less than ten percent of what they learned in college in the workplace.

Fast Company
How To Nail The Dreaded Phone Interview

It's tough to pitch your potential value to an organization over the course of a short phone call. Perhaps more challenging than the time constraint is the fact that you can't use nonverbal cues to convey your confidence or modify your approach and tone.

4 Ways To Encourage A Growth Mindset In The Classroom

Contrary to popular belief, high achievement isn't merely a product of talent and ability. In fact, our internal beliefs about our own abilities, skills, and potential actually fuel behavioral patterns and predict success. Leading Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck argues that the pivotal quality separating successful people from their unsuccessful counterparts is whether they think their intelligence can be developed versus believing it is fixed.

Helping Introverted Students Succeed In The Classroom

First coined by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung in 1921, the terms "introvert" and "extrovert" have spurred lively discussion about the definition and implications of each personality type. The place for introversion in Western culture, a predominantly extroverted society, has accrued substantial interest over the past decade, especially in the midst of the widespread fascination with mindfulness.

Startup Weekend
Startup Weekend Alum SmartRent Looks To Disrupt The Apartment Rental Scene In Paris

Three months ago, Clémence Wurtz showed up at Startup Weekend Paris with an idea. She now looks forward to launching her company, SmartRent, in June. "I've accomplished so much more in a few months than in the past two years," she says, citing the numerous ways her participation in Startup Weekend Paris accelerated the development of SmartRent.

Startup Weekend
On Free-For-Alls, Pivoting, And Never Missing a Sale

Think of the last time you were online shopping. You saw something you liked, and instead of immediately careening down the slippery slope that is one-click ordering, you demonstrated an unprecedented sense of self-control and decided to wait for the (clearly awesome) item to go on sale.

UP Global
Brollies For Hire

The following is a post by Katie Finley, Marketing Intern at UP Europe. Torrential rains are bound to occur on the odd day you (regrettably) aren't armed with an umbrella. Don't worry - The Umbrella People, a London-based umbrella-for-hire company, plans to have you covered.

Startup Weekend
Ingrid Sloots, CEO & Founder Of BeautyBookers, Is Going To Make Your Life Easier

In September 2012, founder Ingrid Sloots submitted her business plan for BeautyBookers to Marie Claire, and was subsequently nominated for the Marie Claire Starters Award. Fast-forward ten months; BeautyBookers is now appearing in the June 2013 edition of Marie Claire as a Starters Award success story.

UP Global
Living To Work

The following is a guest post by Katie Finley, Marketing Intern at UP Europe. Katie recently attended the We Own It Summit in London. Salon-style discussions comprised a core element of the 2013 We Own It Summit, bringing together a panel of thought leaders in the field with small groups of conference attendees.

UP Global
Observations From Startup Weekend Dublin, In Chronological Order

The following is a guest post by Marketing Intern Katie Finley and was originally published on the UP Europe blog. Don't be afraid 'Networking' can be just as terrifying as being lost in a labyrinth, minotaurs abound, but the type of people that show up to Startup Weekends in the first place are generally people you'd want to hang out with.

Startup Weekend
Startup Weekend London Alum SmartWard Begins Seedcamp Week Berlin

Startup Weekend alum SmartWard has just been announced as one of twenty top startup teams accepted into Seedcamp Week Berlin. This is the second Seedcamp Week of the year, and is a step toward capturing a coveted spot in the Seedcamp accelerator program.

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