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A Chat With Highly Suspect's Rich Meyer

I caught up with twice Grammy-nominated Highly Suspect's Rich Meyer, the band's bassist and backing vocalist, to chat about the band's upcoming album and his life in music.

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Words From a World Gone By

There is something transfixing about words from a bygone era, magnetic prose conjured up amidst the intoxicating headiness of the enthralling era of the 1920s by Fitzgerald; tales of depravity and the downtrodden delivered with a powerful punch by Bukowski; and of course, Shakespeare, depicting with poetic mastery the bittersweet reality of the human experience. But are these words still relevant to the experiences of the modern man? Or, as put so eloquently by Fitzgerald, are they merely...

An Interview With Brevin Kim: Breaking Boundaries & Pushing Limits

I don't say this lightly, but Brevin Kim will be one of the most prolific artists of our time. Their sound is infused with raw emotion, heavy beats, and captivating hooks. Their merging of technology with music formulates into a futuristic sound that is paving the way for the music to come.

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Retaining Authenticity in an Increasingly Artificial World: Exploring the Implications of AI in...

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a growing industry that threatens the inherent humanity that is present in the creation of art and fashion. Art and fashion are inextricably tied up with notions of the self, specifically, identity. In using AI to generate these modes, we are removing the core natures of art and fashion themselves; that is, the ability to emotionally motivate, move and manipulate the beholder.

Diveliner - Jumping Into New Realms

Diveliner, the LA-based grunge, pop-punk laced artist has a lot to offer the music scene. He first burst into our eardrums with an array of self-produced tracks brimming with mellow beats, lyrics of existential angst, and a voice that lingers on the mind for longer than most...

Track Of The Day: Mont Duamel - King Without a Crown

Today, Montreal native Mont Duamel released his latest track, 'King Without a Crown', highly anticipated following his previous single 'Young'. The GRAMMY-nominated producer Mont Duamel, otherwise known as Billboard, has worked with the likes of Madonna, Britney Spears, Dua Lipa, Robyn, Kehlani, and Ariana Grande, so he clearly knows what he's doing.


Immediately upon hearing LUH's 'I&I' you are captured by the husky, penetrative vocals of 'Wu Lyf's' Ellery James Roberts. This gnarling sound is both animalistic and angelic, bearing a tarnished sound of hope and release. Paired with the ethereal, wispier voice of Ebony Hoorn a beautiful, dichotomous track is born.

Track of the Day: Biffy Clyro - 'Rearrange'

It's been some time since Biffy Clyro made an appearance on the music scene, with their last album 'Opposites' being released in 2013. However, they've made a rather spectacular return. Their new album 'Ellipsis' conveys a new dawn for them; the band have taken a long pause, but are back and their new work is bathed both in a new sound and message.