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Will Marketing Automation Increase ROI?

Marketing Automation Solutions (MAS) and Account Based Marketing (ABM) go hand-in-hand. They promise to help turn customer data into sales leads by targeting accounts with personalized campaigns. By sending emails automatically based on custom templates and workflows they can banish the need for repetitive tasks and reduce errors.

Fit Yourself Club
4 Ways IBM's Chef Watson Wants to Help You Find the Perfect Recipe

By Kate Alsbury There are many ways IBM's Watson supercomputer has been sneaking into our lives unnoticed. It's used increasingly in the health and medical industries. Sanofi, a French pharmaceutical company, has been using Watson to assist them in drug re-purposing. The FDA has signed a research agreement with IBM aimed at exchanging health data through blockchain.

Data Privacy In The Age Of The Internet - Free Alternatives To Facebook And Google

The long-predicted demise of Google+ is finally a reality. Google announced that it will officially start removing content from its once prized Facebook competitor on April 2, 2019. So if you've been toying with the idea of moving your social network, now might be a good time to consider shifting to platforms a little friendlier to your data privacy.

Blue and Green Tomorrow
4 Free Ethical And Sustainable Shopping Apps To Try

Thanks to a few new apps, it's getting easier to know how to find sustainable brands. It's becoming more important to many of us to learn about the sustainability of what we buy, and how companies impact the environment. Not only whether packaging and material is sustainable, but their devotion to social well-being too.

4 Free Film Festival Submission Sites For Filmmakers

Are you an aspiring filmmaker? You might want to consider signing up for a digital submission manager. They're extremely useful for finding festivals and contests - then keeping track of them. Most will allow you to browse without signing up, but many festivals require you to have at least one of these accounts in order to enter.

Is Apple's Life In Hardware Over?

With the Spring Apple event behind us, many are taking sides on Apple's future in hardware. It's been the topic of several LinkedIn discussions recently, citing falling iPhone sales as proof that Apple will become a services company. Apple's future in hardware is still strong.

6 Free Finance Apps For Freelancers and Entrepreneurs

Running your own business is always a challenge. From saving money and tax prep, to investing - seeking investors for your company, or just getting paid. Here are six of the best free apps for keeping your financial life together. 1.

10 Surprising Things We've Learned From The Desert

Deserts can be seen as bland and barren places, making up roughly 33 percent of the Earth's land surface. Vast and mostly uninhabited, they can be hot or cold. The largest is the Antarctic polar desert at 14.2 million square kilometers (5.5 million mi2), followed closely by the Arctic.

Vikings Could Be Responsible For Spreading Gaited Horses To Iceland And Beyond

Many of us know gaited breeds like Saddlebreds, Paso Finos, and the Tennessee Walking Horse well, but have you ever thought about where their unique trait comes from? Researchers have been examining DNA samples of horses from 6,000 BC to the Middle Ages, tracing the gene believed to be responsible for their smooth riding gait back to Medieval England, 850- 900 A.D.

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