Kastle Waserman

Financial Services/Personal Finance Writer

United States

I'm Kastle - with a "K" - a full-time freelance writer. I've worked with some of the most well-known financial institutions, including BOK Financial, Transamerica, Jackson National Life and Trilogy Financial. I write about personal finance strategies, how and why to pick life and long-term care insurance, why you need a will/trust, financial planning for caregivers and women's guides to wealth.

I write with empathy because I've been there. I didn't learn personal finance in school or from my parents. So I ran up debt during college and never saved money from my first few jobs. It wasn't until I was suddenly laid off from my dream job as an editor/reporter for the Los Angeles Times (a job I thought I would have for life) that I realized I had no money and needed to learn how to manage my finances.

I read every article and blog I could find on personal finance. I read all the Suze Orman and David Bach books. I dug myself out of debt and learned to budget, save and protect my money with insurance.

I learned more hard lessons when I helped my parents with their estate planning and then was in charge of the paperwork when one of them fell ill and passed away.

Now I share these insights with others through my writing skills in hopes of helping people better prepare financially for life's ups and downs.

My writing experience spans 10 years as a journalist and copywriter.

I write financial articles, blogs, newsletters, email sequences, case studies, social media posts and other marketing content for financial institutions, financial advisors and publications. I also consult on content strategy.

Contact me for help with your financial content. Contact me via LinkedIn and schedule a complimentary 30-minute discovery call.

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